I did it! I conquered my fear and rode the Ghost Train at Stanley Park. What in the world have I been waiting for?! For my inaugural trip on the Ghost Train I brought my 4 & 6 year olds as back up. My children are no braver than I. And we loved it! Loved it so much the kids wanted to go again…immediately. And if we couldn’t go immediately could we please come back at least 3 more times before Halloween.

The 2015 Ghost Train brings classic horrors to the the Stanley Park woods. Around bends and in wooded groves lurk creatures such as the Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein and his monster, and Dracula. My biggest fear was that the actors would be going for the startle and scream factor. I can’t speak conclusively but the 6pm train ride had none of that. The werewolf growled from behind a large shrub but other than that the actors stayed in their vignettes. Now don’t get me wrong, wait for complete darkness, allow the smoke machine time to fill the woods and you’ve got yourself a whole other kettle of scary fish.

I wasn’t looking to be scared out of my boots. I wanted a jump-start on Halloween without a nightmare filled sleep. The Ghost Train delivered! For those with little ones, or those with older kids who startle easily, I highly recommend the early train rides (when it is still light out). Also, the Ghost Train has matinee train rides on the weekends and there are no actors at all, just the static vignettes.

Stanley Park's Ghost Train, VancouverIn addition to the incredibly well done train ride, the old petting-zoo barn has been converted into a haunted house. With cobwebs, fun-house mirrors, scary music and creaking noises the Spooky Barn delivers some Halloween fun. Our kids were a bit tentative the first go-through but once they conquered their fears they couldn’t wait to take a second tour through.

On your way into the Ghost Train take time to wander the Haunted Maze and visit with the Stanley Park Ecological Society (SPES) and their “Creatures of the Night”. Throughout the duration of the Ghost Train, SPES offers FREE candlelight tours of the Stanley Park woods. Together with a guide you head out on a search for nocturnal creatures. Be sure to sign up on site when you arrive for your train ride. The tours depart every 30 minutes (on the hour and 1/2 hour).

Stanley Park’s Ghost Train is a very popular Vancouver attraction. To avoid the huge crowds, it is recommended that you visit Monday – Thursday during the first two weeks. As we get closer to Halloween, the train becomes increasingly popular. To ensure your space on the train, purchase your tickets in advance online.

Don’t forget, parking for the Ghost Train is FREE!

Stanley Park’s Ghost Train:

When:  October
Time: Evening train (Mon – Thur 5:30pm – 9:30pm; Fri – Sun 5:30pm – 10pm); Matinee train (Fri – Sun 11am – 5:30pm)
Where: Stanley Park, Vancouver