Oh my heavens!  I could go on and on about the fabulous Spot Prawn Festival.  The food was divine: fresh-off-the-boat spot prawns, creamy potato salad, crisp coleslaw and flavourful Greek salad.  However I must remind myself, this is not a foodie blog; it is a family-activity blog!

The 7th annual Spot Prawn Festival started at 11am.  We arrived at 11:10am and the lines were already well established.  Fortunately we had the foresight to pop into Kids’ Market and purchase a little toy for each of our boys.  I was worried that the 2 & 4 year olds might not be nearly as enthralled with the Spot Prawn Festival as their parents and grandparents.  I was mistaken!

In addition to the fantastic food (truly…so very yummy!) there were stations set up for kids.  For the first time ever, both our boys agreed to have their faces painted.  Our eldest asked for a stingray; the youngest a pink octopus with red eyes!  They had fun fishing for sea creatures and learning whether that animal was sustainable or not.  They had the most fun at the Stream of Dreams.  Not only did they learn about the importance of ONLY water heading down storm drains, they got to paint a fish which will be put on display at Granville Island.  Our little boys contributed to public art while learning an important environmentally-responsible lesson!

Bee Bop the Beluga, from the Vancouver Aquarium, wandered around making friends with all the kids.  Our 2 year old developed a pathological fear of Bee Bop; not too sure why.  Our entire meal was spent trying to cram food into our little guy’s mouth while reassuring him that Bee Bop would leave him alone.  Speaking of meals and kids, have you read this article from Huffington Post?  Positively hilarious!

The Spot Prawn Festival was a great hit!  I’m marking my calendar for next year’s 8th annual event; there is no way we’re missing it!