Don’t Miss Out on These Awesome SUMMER CAMPS In Metro Vancouver

Summer Camps in Metro VancouverMetro Vancouver may have the reputation of being a last-minute-city. But that’s definitely NOT the case when it comes to signing up for Summer Camps. Families do their research early and grab spots for the kids before Spring has even arrived. Summer is the perfect time for your kids to try something new: a new sport, art form, or adventure. Sure we all need to figure out a way to keep the offspring busy during July & August, so why not make the experience enjoyable for everyone? Family Fun Vancouver has sourced fantastic summer camps happening across Metro Vancouver & the Lower Mainland (from Whistler to Hope and even Vancouver Island). We are adding more camps to this list on a regular basis. (If you run a summer camp and want to be part of our Summer Camp Guide, please send an email to

Cliffhanger Climbing Gym Summer CampsKidrock! Cliffhanger Climbing Gym Summer Camps

Conquering a climbing wall evokes a real sense of accomplishment, and this is especially true for kids. Is it their burning desire to be Spiderman? The adrenaline rush that comes from defying gravity? Whatever the reason, people of all ages seem to love reaching heights far above the ground. Over the course of Cliffhanger’s week-long camp, kids aged 9 to 16 will hone climbing skills and become hooked on reaching the next finger-grab or toe-hold. Instructors will cover climbing safety, equipment use, belaying (technical rope work), knot-tying, stretching, and movements. For more information, click here.

Bricks 4 Kidz Tiger’s Eye Summer Camps

Bricks 4 Kidz in North Vancouver and Tiger’s Eye Karate-Do have partnered together to offer your child unforgettable summer camps filled with physical exercise and STEM-based activities. Campers start their mornings taking part in fun karate lessons. The lessons are tailored for all levels so don’t worry if your child has never attempted a ashi barai (foot sweep) or mae geri (front kick). In addition to the karate lessons the campers will head out on local-area field trips and adventures. For more information, click here.

Boorman Archery Summer CampsBoorman Archery Summer Camps

The Boorman Archery Summer Camps run 4 days per week for an hour and a half per day. The camps are geared for kids aged 9 – 18 years old. The certified instructors provide opportunities for the kids to try both Recurve and Compound Bows. Attempts are made to score a target, and the camp focuses on teaching basic skills needed to become a safe and consistent archer. For kids who already have some archery skills, the instructors are ready and eager to provide tips and strategies to improve your technique. For more information, click here.

Burrard Yacht Club Summer CampBurrard Yacht Club Summer Sailing Camps

Kids seem naturally drawn to the water. They love to dig in a sandy beach, frolic in the waves, and swim for hours. Why not give your child an even more amazing experience and get them out on the water? The Burrard Yacht Club Summer Sailing Camps get kids aged 9 – 15 years out on the water for a week at a time. Sailing instruction is provided in a fun, safe and inclusive manner. The Canadian Yachting Association certification is available upon successful completion of the program. For more information, click here.

White Rock Divers Summer CampsWhite Rock Divers Summer Camps

White Rock Divers offers two-hour, week-long diving camps for kids. The diving club welcomes kids of any age and any experience. Campers learn from diving experts; all of the White Rock Divers coaches are nationally certified. Every diver will have a program individually established for them, tailored to their diving skills and goals. The coaches all recognize that each child learns at a different pace, and the coaches are trained to work with all levels. Safety is the #1 priority for the White Rock Divers. For more information, click here.

Gateway Academy Summer Camps

Is your kitchen transformed into a stage on a regular basis? Do your kids beg you to stop what you’re doing to watch their show? Does your kid love stories, or get lost in their imagination, creating new worlds and characters? Is your kid playful and rambunctious? Or quiet and aware of everything around? Or does your kid simply love to act, sing or dance? Why not hone these natural skills and enrol your kid in one of the many Gateway Academy Summer Camps? For more information, click here.

Daedalos Enrichment ProgramsSummer Robotics Camps with Daedalos Enrichment Programs

The Robotics Camp offered by Daedalos Enrichment Programs sound so cool! If your kids is fascinated by coding or is always brainstorming the next big invention you really want to sign them up for this camp! Kids will learn skills including critical and computational thinking, problem solving and creativity. The campers also gain engineering and design skills by building robots which actually function, move and respond to stimuli. For more information, click here.

Shoreline Academy Summer CampsShoreline Studios Summer Camps

Does drama reign supreme in your home? Is your child drawn to the limelight? To the stage? If your child gets a thrill from performing for others, and enjoys telling tales, assuming personalities, and dressing up you need to check out Shoreline Academy Summer Camps. The Shoreline Academy camps introduce participants to the realities of being a working film & TV actor. Instilling the company’s core values – compassion, courage & commitment – Shoreline Academy sets their students up to be successful & competent professional actors. What aspiring actor wouldn’t want to train with top-working local actors to gain practical and comprehensive experience? That’s what students of Shoreline Academy get when they sign up for their classes & camps. For more information, click here.

Pear Tree Summer CampsPear Tree Summer Camps

Drama, photography, nature exploration, fairytale theatre….the education-infused, hands-on Pear Tree Summer Camps are filling up quickly! The quality and diversity of their courses means their summer camps are in high demand. With any Pear Tree summer course, your child will spend as much time as possible outside, experiencing education hands-on in the open air. They will learn and experience diverse skills and goals, such as multidisciplines (science, math, social studies, and language arts), creativity, teamwork, technology, public speaking, sports, and critical thinking. Furthermore, Pear Tree offers some of the most unique educational experiences, connecting education to the community! For more information, click here.

City Explorers Summer CampsCity Explorers Summer Camp

Is your child an adventurer at heart? The City Explorers Summer Camps have the kids venturing through Vancouver discovering new places, hidden natural wonders and inspiring a special curiosity in their city. Armed with their City Passport the kids will have an unforgettable experience exploring new locations and collecting stamps in their booklet. For more information, click here.

Evergreen Adventure Summer CampsEvergreen Adventure Summer Camps

Why not cultivate your child’s love of the outdoors by signing them up for the Evergreen Adventure Summer Camps? The week-long day camp sessions sees campers aged 8–12 years exploring the greener side of North Vancouver through new discoveries and adventures in the urban wild. Evergreen’s trained camp counsellors provide opportunities for mentorship and group explorations of nature which build campers’ outdoor skills and self-confidence. For more information, click here.

KEY Education Summer CampsKEY Education Summer Camps

Give your child an unforgettable experience with KEY Education Summer Camps: build brain power, spark creativity, and have tons of fun. KEY Education summer camps range from recreational to STEM to intensive academics in a multicultural setting for kids of all ages. Whether you are looking to keep your child’s brain stimulated through activities such as learning in a lab or writing a screenplay or if you want to cultivate a love of art through intensive art study, the KEY Education Summer Camps will keep your child fascinated and engaged all summer long! For more information, click here.

YMCA Summer CampsSummer Camps at the YMCA

The YMCA offers memorable summer camp experiences that will fill your kid’s time away from school with adventure and enjoyable activities that don’t involve any screens. At a YMCA camp, there are no classrooms or cliques, no homework or tests. Instead, there are opportunities for self-discovery, growth, skill building and connecting with peers. Your child can choose from traditional day and overnight camps as well as specialty programs that focus on different interests like golf, outdoor adventure and leadership development. For more information, click here. Montessori Academy Summer Camps

Choose from indoor and outdoor camps including: sports, cooking, dj-ing, crafts, dancing, wilderness exploration and more! Westside Montessori Academy Summer Camps strive for a wide variety of activities to offer children and employ talented specialists and support staff to ensure the children are safe, well cared for, and of course happy! Register by May 1st and save 10% off the cost of camp registration. For more information, click here.

Mt Seymour's Eco-Adventure Summer CampsMt Seymour Eco-Adventure Summer Camps

Mt Seymour’s Eco-Adventure Summer Camps incorporate fun, education, self-awareness, skill development, and meaningful connections to the environment for kids aged 5 – 14 years. The day-long camps have kids outside every day, no matter the weather! A HUGE bonus of participating in the Mt Seymour Summer Camps is that every child who registers received a 2018/19 season pass! Yup, a year of skiing for just signing up for the summer camp. For more information, click here.

Under the GUI

Under the GUI (UTG) is learning academy focusing on STEM programs for Grades 1 – 12 students. By creating an inspiring environment kids are about to be innovative, think critically, and create with technologies on the fringe of our hi-tech culture. UTG teachers encourage students to expand their creativity through the creation of video games, apps, and traditional software using the same tools used by professionals in the field. Programs taught at UTG include: Python, C#, Java, and C++ on the, Unity, Unreal, and Visual Studio engines. We’ve also got a $75 discount code for Family Fun Vancouver readers. For more information, click here.

City of Surrey Summer CampsCity of Surrey

Recreation Surrey is your headquarters for summer fun and adventure. Choose from over 50 conveniently located daily and weekly camps for children and youth 3-18. Whether your child loves sports, science, art or cooking, there’s a camp to suit every interest and ability. Plus, all of their day camp leaders are trained in the HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development. For more information, click here.

Camp Qwanoes Break Free 2018Camp Qwanoes

Set right on the water in a secluded spot just 5km north of Duncan on Vancouver Island, Camp Qwanoes exposes campers to wakeboarding, ocean kayak frenzies, mountain boarding and water tottering. Every year new delights are added to the summer camp experience. For 2018, the AquaPark has grown again: H2O adventures are going to be bigger than ever with new connections, new routes, plus they’re adding a new Super Slide, Aqua Wall and Monkey Dome! And if your kid has experienced Camp Qwanoes before they will love knowing that the Airwalk Village is now connected to the Sky Station! There are new bridges, the “Junction” and even a mini-zip called the “Zipper!” And just to show that Camp Qwanoes has its finger on all things kids deem as cool, they’ve set up an escape room. The Captain Q Escape Room may be easy to enter but mystery-solving skills are a must if you want to escape. For more information, click here.

Heritage Adventure Summer Camps at the Burnaby Village Museum

The Heritage Adventure Summer Camps at the Burnaby Village Museum make history fun! What kid wouldn’t want to make & fly kites, take part in a watermelon eating contest, make ice cream, ride the carousel, canoe on Deer Lake, take part in a scavenger hunt & more? Every week the camps have a new theme & different activities. Your kid will be wanting to sign up for more than just one! For more information, click here.

Sky Zone Surrey Summer CampsSky Zone Summer Camps 

Sky Zone Surrey offers summer camps for kids aged 6 – 16 years, with early drop-off and late pick up available, the 9am – 4pm camps can work for every family. The Sky Zone Surrey Summer Camps INCLUDE both a snack and lunch. And you know after hours of jumping, tumbling, and playing those kids are going to be hungry. Sky Zone Surrey realizes that even the fittest kid needs some down time. After having access to the whole park (Sky Slam, 3D Dodgeball, and foam zone) the kids will take part in arts and crafts, development games, and have a chance to socialize. The kids’ days will also be rounded out with Sky Fit (fitness classes on the trampolines) and Sky Wars (a simulated battle game). For more information, click here.

Canlan Ice SportsCanlan Ice Sports Summer Camps

Canlan Ice Sports wants kids to avoid summer-time boredom by getting onto the ice, filling their days with action-packed summer camps, learning new skills and making new friends. Not only will your pint-sized hockey lover spend their week working on hockey conditioning skills, they will be learning off-ice games & skill training as well. Summer camps are offered in North Vancouver (Canlan Ice Sports North Shore), Burnaby (Burnaby 8 Rinks), and Langley (Langley Twin Rinks). For more information, click here.

Pedalheads Summer CampsPedalheads & Heroheads Summer Camps

Everyone knows about the fantastic bike camps offered by Pedalheads®, right? But did you know they also have a program called Heroheads? The Heroheads summer camps are designed for kids to practice the Super 7 Skills which are based on the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD): locomotion (run, jump, skip & climb), agility, throwing, catching, balancing, kicking & hand-eye coordination. As for the Pedalheads Bike Camps whether your child is just learning to ride or lives life attached to their bike, there is much to learn the 1/2 day or full day camps. For more information, click here.

Royal Soccer ClubRoyal Soccer Club Summer Camps

25+ years of soccer-teaching excellence! With more than 100 locations across Canada, the Royal Soccer Club is the #1 grassroots organization offering soccer day camps in the country. The organizers of the soccer camps fill the kids’ days with lots of fun activities. The morning is spent focussing on soccer technique & game-play. The afternoons are filled with swimming & camp activities. For more information, click here.

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