Ripleys Telus World of Science Take your family on an incredible journey through Science World’s new and intriguing exhibition, The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!. Delve into the science behind the world’s most extreme animals and plants, appreciate the complexities of natural biology and marvel at the endless collection of phenomenal artifacts.

We have put together 12 reasons that make this exhibition a must-see for visitors of all ages:

1. Explore the wonders of some of the world’s largest reptiles. The whole family can play interactive games to learn more about the surprising biology of these creepy crawlies, climb inside the belly of the beast and even take a photo inside the wide-open mouth of the gargantuan prehistoric snake, the Titanoboa. Discover the environmental conditions that existed millions of years ago that enabled this snake to grow so large.

2. Study the genetic composition of creatures of all kinds in the Extreme Biology zone and discover why certain conditions create extraordinary mutations in humans, animals and plants.

3. Be transported to the sparkling Cave of Crystals in Mexico and learn how a specific mix of organic ingredients and conditions bonded to create an awe-inspiring natural wonder. Play the role of scientist and learn how to grow your own crystals from sugar, then pose for a photo as a professional cave explorer in a fluorescent suit.

4. Gaze upon outer space with a collection of authentic pieces of meteors and learn about the impact these celestial trinkets have on our planet.

5. Fossils are not just for dinosaurs, and this exhibition has a collection that will make your jaw drop. You can even have your photo taken inside the jawbone of the largest shark species that ever lived!

Ripleys Telus World of Science jawbone6. The secret behind a magician’s tricks is science, not magic! Explore how optical illusions play tricks on the human brain and influence what we believe is real (or not!).

7. Imagine creating intricately detailed art, so small that it fits in the eye of a needle! In order to create such art, you must slow down your heart and breathing rates before you start. That’s exactly how artist, Willard Wigan creates his unbelievable micro sculptures.

8. Don’t miss the chance to learn about the curious curator himself, Robert Ripley, through a collection of archival films that detail this globe trotter’s real-life adventures.

9. Test your family’s knowledge by seeing who can best identify creatures and things in the Weird World quiz. Gather your self-proclaimed foodie family members to try the Bug Bistro game and learn about the surprisingly nutrient-rich insects that crawl, fly and swim here on Earth.

10. Discover the intersection of science and art. See if you can figure out how you would make a picture of Einstein from multiple pieces of toast. Examine the large metal snake and notice the techniques that turned ordinary washers into a reptile.

Ripleys Telus World of Science Einstein

11. Memories last forever, with fun photo opportunities scattered throughout the exhibition! Giggle as you challenge your whole family to sit together on the big ornate chair manufactured for a Viking giant. See how your family’s individual heights measure up against the world’s tallest man in recorded history and gather kids of all ages for a photo beside a giant transformer made from car parts!

12. At the end of your unimaginable journey around the world, rally the family for an interactive dance party as your energetic shapes are projected in vivid colour onto a movie screen.

The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! at Science World:

When: January 25, 2018 – April 22, 2018
Time: Science World operating hours (usually 10am – 5pm)
Where: Science World at TELUS World of Science

Address: 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver