Make sure your kids aren’t bored at home this Spring Break! Kids absolutely love the hands-on, educational, fun, and explorative Spring Break camps offered by The STEAM Project. Did you know that The STEAM Project is one of the Top 3 Virtual Programs in Canada? Talk about an awesome experience for your kid!

The STEAM Project Spring Break CampsThis Spring Break students will learn coding by building projects they love with live instruction from STEM experts in a 1:5 class ratio. Small classes mean lots of engaged interaction from the instructor and targeted feedback for your child. The 2022 Spring Break Camps are geared towards kids in grades 1-8.

The STEAM Project activities are super exciting! All of their project kits are shipped right to your doorstep (well in advance of the Spring Break camps starting). Check out the activities available for Spring Break Camps 2022:

Tiny Homes: Students will learn how to create architectural scale models using 3D design software (SketchUp) and bring the design to life with The STEAM Project’s Tiny Home kit. They will also tackle furniture design while assembling 1:12 scale IKEA furniture, electricity and 3D printing while putting together their 3D-printed mini LED lamps, and textiles and fashion with our fabric weaving kit.

DIY Battle Bots: DIY Battle Bots teaches the fundamentals of electricity & circuits, programming, and fabrication, serving as an introduction to how these three maker skills can be integrated to build a fun and complex project. The STEAM Project’s DIY battle bots are powered by an Arduino microcontroller and custom 3D printed parts.

The STEAM Project Spring Break CampsTelsa Crate: Design your own marble maze and learn about puzzles and game development. Explore complex machines while creating an artistic moving sculpture and experiment with probability to build a marble run. Use tension, forces, and friction to build a string-climbing robot and discover how electricity is made by creating your own generator flashlight.

Smart Trains: Create ‘N’ Code teaches the fundamentals of electricity & circuits, programming, and fabrication, serving as an introduction to how these three maker skills can be integrated to form fun cohesive projects. Students will wire up their Smart Trains to a mini-computer that they can code to control railway crossing gates, light-up LED displays, and ring the “All aboard” bells. Their projects will be built around the Micro:bit system – a beginner-friendly circuit board.

The STEAM Project Spring Break CampsMars Mission – Habitat: Students will work with hand tools and small circuits to build projects designed around the Micro:bit system, a beginner-friendly circuit board that can be programmed to control a variety of electronic components. Projects will progress from building a Mars Habitat (with an airlock and solar panel), to a greenhouse where students will study plant growth, and finally to building a Mars rover that they can drive.

Mars Mission – Rover: Building on the coding concepts students acquired in Create ‘N’ Code: Mars Mission Parts I & II, this course will teach students about the applications of electronics to drive motors and create communication systems. Students will learn about the engineering concepts behind space exploration and wireless communication by building their own Mars Rover, and controlling it remotely by coding their own transmitters and receivers with two Micro:bits.

Registration for The STEAM Project Spring Break Camps is now open. BC residents are encouraged to sign up for the afternoon camps as the 1pm EST camp occurs at 10am our time making it the perfect mid-morning activity for our kids.

The STEAM Project Spring Break Camps:

Dates: March 14 – 18, 2022