The BC CDC has released their recommendations for celebrating Halloween during COVID. How is your family feeling about trick-or-treating during a global pandemic?

You can read the entire BC CDC release here. Below we’ve highlighted a few key points:

  • Halloween parties are a no-go for 2020
  • Trick or treat in small groups
  • Be creative with handing out treats
  • Greet trick-or-treaters outside your front door (that door bell is a high-touch point and will needed to be cleaned regularly, if kids are ringing it)
  • Incorporate a mask with your Halloween costume (our family is dressing up as medical professionals this year; the mask works perfectly with that costume)

Our family has already got our hands on some PVC pipe! We will be installing a candy-slide down our front stairs (finally it pays off having a few stairs up to our front door, I’m never a fan of those stairs when I’m hauling in groceries). Other ideas for keeping your distance while handing out candy: use long-handed tongs, use a cookie sheet – you hold one end, slide the candy to the other end. Please plan on handing out treats on an individual basis rather than having a bowl for everyone to dig through.

It goes without saying, if you feel like garbage, this is not the year to participate in Halloween. Turn off the lights and stay inside until you are healthy.

We also recognize that there are many families who don’t feel comfortable trick-or-treating this year. But that doesn’t mean you need to skip Halloween all together. Get creative:

  • hide candy in the house or in the backyard and send the kids on a flashlight-hunt
  • if the weather is agreeable, watch a spooky Halloween movie in the backyard
  • make Halloween crafts – ghosts, paint pumpkins, DIY paper masks
  • go old school and bob for apples, or update the game and bob for doughnuts (obviously this game is absolutely just for your family… too many germs, otherwise)
  • make a Halloween pinta and stuff it full of Halloween treats

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit ahead of October 31st, check out the Family Fun Vancouver Halloween event guide. And, if you are in need of a pumpkin, please consult the Family Fun Vancouver Pumpkin Patch Guide.

Be safe everyone, and have fun during the 2020 Halloween of COVID.