Trout Lake frozen


Update January 16, 2017: This is probably the end. With the pineapple express expected to arrive any moment, the Vancouver Park Board closed Trout Lake to skating as of noon today. Seeing as we probably won’t see prolonged freezing temperatures again this Winter, it is unlikely Trout Lake will re-open for skating. At least we have the AMAZING memories of skating on a frozen pond. Great fun!

Update January 11, 2017: Thanks to the frigid weather Trout Lake has frozen solid and everyone is invited to coming skating again. The Vancouver Park Board will announce by noon each day whether the status of skating on Trout Lake has changed.

Update January 9th, 2017: Well that was fun while it lasted! Sadly Trout Lake is now closed for skating. The warming temperatures and the HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS visitors on Saturday made Trout Lake less than safe for ongoing skating. The Vancouver Park Board said that while the Lake is closed today (Jan 9th) and tomorrow (Jan 10th) there may be the possibility of it re-opening later in the week when the temperatures drop again. As soon as we know more we will let you know!

Original post: This almost never happens in the Lower Mainland! Vancouverites may be less than enthusiastic about the ongoing snow & ice, but on the upside Trout Lake has frozen sufficiently to allow skating. Talk about a quintessential Canadian experience. The Vancouver Park Board officially announced yesterday that Trout Lake is open for skating.

The Lake has 12cm of ice which means it is safe to skate.

The last time this winter miracle happened was in 1996. So if you own skates, don’t miss out on this once every TWO decade experience of getting to skate on an outdoor lake.

Trout Lake Twitter - Vancouver Park Board

Trout Lake:

Address: 3360 Victoria Dr, Vancouver