Do you like to try out new products before you buy them? Do you like to receive FREE samples? Pretty much everyone does! Family Fun Canada is pleased to announce that we are offering all of our readers a new opportunity to receive FREE product samples direct to their mailbox through our partnership with Sampler.

How Does It Work?

It’s so easy! Go to and you will see the sign up form. You can either register with your Facebook login or with your email. Once you’ve signed up, you will be asked some questions to match you with the best free samples according to your lifestyle and what your whole family will love. These are high quality products from trusted consumer name brands that are easily found in your local store. Companies want their consumers to try their new products and Sampler is a great way to get a first look at them!

What’s even better is that you will usually receive full-sized products! That’s right – you won’t get a teeny packet of something, you will get the whole box or jar! Sampler knows that to really make a decision about whether you want to purchase the product in the future, you need time to familiarize yourself with it and how it fits into your life. After you try the products, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback, which will reach the product company. So you as a consumer can have a direct say as to whether you feel the product is good or not.

What Does “Targeted Samples” Mean?

Companies find that in-store sampling often won’t reach the audience they’re looking for. Not only is this unfortunate from a business perspective, it doesn’t help customers, either. But with a program like Sampler Exchange, you can qualify for FREE samples that match your lifestyle. Not only that, but you’re shown a variety of samples based on your profile, and you get to choose which ones you most want! Sampler works with over 200 brands, ensuring that they have just the right match for every family. Some of the featured products are: Matrix Unbreak My Blonde – Shampoo + Conditoner, Vanilla Nesquick Syrup, Whirlpool Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner Tablet and Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, Explore Cusine Pasta, Bulldog Shave Gel, Elizabeth Arden, Prevage Serum, Bulldog Moisturizer and Face Wash, Violife Vegan Cheese Free Product Coupon.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Sampler and you will be on your way to get free products and valuable coupons sent direct to your mailbox!

Qualify for Even More Samples:

To increase your chances of matching each month, all you have to do is:
1) Sign up for our sample updates so we can send you a notification when you match with samples.
2) Answer our new monthly questions to better match you with new monthly samples.
If you haven’t matched yet, don’t worry—we just need to find the right samples for you and it can take a few tries. Each month we add even more awesome samples and an updated profile increases your chances of matching with free samples.