Got your snorkel? Ready to go diving? Kids of all ages are invited to check out the brand-new Underwater World exhibit at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. This temporary exhibit is an immersive experience, complete with underwater ocean sounds and activities.

Tucked into a cozy corner of the Museum, Underwater World offers a place for kids to explore, imagine, create, and learn. Climb aboard the pirate ship, find a snuggly nook for colouring and reading. Have a go at knot-tying activities; can you master the 8 basic knots? Get curious about the Salish Sea and complete maritime-themed activity kits.

Vancouver Maritime MuseumWhen you arrive at the Vancouver Maritime Museum, stop by the front desk and ask for the maritime activity kits. The re-usable kits are sanitized between guests.

We are actually super excited to learn that the reason Underwater World has been created is because the Children’s Maritime Museum Discovery Centre is under renovation. How awesome is that? A new cozy exhibit to keep everyone entertained and learning while a new space is being upgraded and updated. A win win for everyone. The renovations are expected to be completed in the Spring of 2021.

Vancouver Maritime Underwater World:

Hours: Thursday – Sunday; 10am – 5pm
Address: 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-257-8300