The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s third performance of this year’s Kids’ Koncert series was, by far, my favourite.

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performed excerpts from more than 20 of Vivaldi’s creations.  The music was spectacular.  You know magic is happening when an audience packed with little kids is silent.

Today’s performance was a partnership with the VSO and Classical Kids Music Education.  The two actors, Christopher Petschler and Natalie Berg, kept the audience riveted with their performance of Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery.  The marriage of classical music and storytelling ensures audience enjoyment.

I don’t know whether it was Vivaldi’s music, the great talents of the VSO musicians, or the charisma of the actors that made today’s performance especially magical.  Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery was a truly special, and unforgettable, performance.

The next VSO Kids’ Koncert happens on March 23rd and is titled The Hockey Sweater.  We are eagerly anticipating the performance and encourage you to take your kids too.