It's time for creepy decorations and spooky music.现在是时候进行令人毛骨悚然的装饰和怪异的音乐了。 It's also time for funny, scary, silly, or beautiful costumes, loads of candy, and lots of giggles.现在也该是滑稽,恐怖,愚蠢或漂亮的服装,大量糖果和大量咯咯笑声的时候了。 Whatever Halloween holds for you and your family this year, make some family memories and hold onto the giggles!无论今年万圣节对您和您的家人的影响如何,请留下一些家庭回忆并保持笑容! Marlborough马尔堡 ...阅读更多


Are you in it for the tricks or the treats, the decorations or the silly games?您是否喜欢花招或款待,装饰品或愚蠢的游戏? Whatever you love about Halloween, get your Halloween spirit going this year, despite the pandemic!无论您对万圣节有何喜好,尽管大流行大流行,今年还是要继续努力! Westbrook Mall is honouring a socially-distanced Halloween, which means no in-person events at威斯布鲁克购物中心(Westbrook Mall)纪念一个远离社交的万圣节,这意味着不会在现场举行任何亲人活动 ...阅读更多

WinSport的Spooktacular Grim Mini高尔夫

What does Halloween look like for your family this year?今年您家的万圣节怎么样? Maybe your kids are getting older and they aren't as interested in heading out to trick-or-treat anymore.也许您的孩子正在变老,他们对出去捣蛋的兴趣不大。 Or maybe you're just not comfortable with that activity this fall.也许您今年秋天对这项活动不满意。 Even if you are planning on going即使你打算去 ...阅读更多

Considering Private Education?考虑私立教育吗? Investigate All Your Options With the Our Kids Calgary Private School Expo!通过我们的孩子卡尔加里私立学校博览会研究所有选择!

Calgary is a large vibrant city filled with options and possibilities for children and families.卡尔加里(Calgary)是一个充满生机的大城市,到处都是儿童和家庭的选择和可能性。 When you're thinking about private schools, however, it's easy to get overwhelmed by these options, as wonderful as they may be.但是,当您考虑私立学校时,很容易被这些选择所淹没,尽管它们可能如此美妙。 What type of private school would suit your哪种私立学校适合您 ...阅读更多