There’s more summer to be had and so many exciting events happening right now in the GTA! This weekend, you can check out the second-last weekend of the spectacular Royal Canadian International Circus family show’s tour of Ontario. What’s more, you can also enjoy free events like music and dance performances, and many cultural festivals, plus hang out at a historical exhibition! So, take a spin into our August 19-21 guide to Family-Friendly Events in Toronto This Weekend!



1. 加拿大皇家国际马戏团
Run away with the circus for their last weekend in Mississauga. The Royal Canadian International Circus has it all: wild death-defying tricks, mesmerizing acrobatics and feats of strength, spellbinding aerialists and dancers, amazing rhythmic and musical performances, and much more! Find out more with our list of 10 things you’ll love about the show 此处! Plus, Family Fun Toronto readers can grab a terrific BOGO交易 通过使用折扣码 家庭娱乐多伦多.

2. Prologue Performing Arts' 广场的夏季艺术
Prologue Performing Arts presents FREE family fun with Summer Arts Break in the Square, filled with music, storytelling, dance and more! This weekend, hear the sonic tapestry of three-time JUNO Award nominees and Billboard charting artists Sultans of String, presenting music from around the globe.

3. CNE(加拿大国家展)
The CNE has been a Toronto summer tradition since its inception in 1879 and it’s back this year with its usual array of EXciting events, including SuperDogs and farm animals!

4. 多伦多唐人街节

5. National Ballet at Harbourfront Centre

6. OpenStreets TO
OpenStreetsTO briefly closes parts of Bloor and Yonge Streets to car traffic, for a short time only, and opens them for free fun recreational activities!

7. 约克维尔壁画
While you’re in the Yonge-Bloor area, pop over to Yorkville to check out this free outdoor arts festival that transforms the famous upscale downtown neighbourhood into a huge canvas.

8. The Disability Collective’s “What Happened to You?”
“What Happened to You?” is a new, heart-warming piece of puppet theatre for children and their families, presented at Tarragon Theatre.

9. 韦斯顿民间故事节
Along with a photography and poetry exhibition, Shakespeare In Action performs “Harabogee & Mee”, a free outdoor play at Little Avenue Memorial Park near the Humber River.

10. 非洲裔加勒比巨星
Afro Carib Fest 是一个充满乐趣的免费周末,适合全家人参加,包括现场表演、文化游行、儿童区等等。

11. 密西沙加日本节加拿大


12. 身临其境的图坦卡蒙国王

13. 多伦多动物园的 Terra Lumina
今年夏天,Terra Lumina 重返多伦多动物园,这是一场适合家庭的多媒体视觉沉浸式体验和迷人的夜间漫步。

14. 梦想在高公园的“如你所愿” 
加拿大舞台的“如你所愿”标志着莎士比亚重返户外高公园圆形剧场。 此外,它还收录了著名的加拿大音乐家 Serena Ryder 的新音乐。

15. 芭比世界

16. 多伦多的户外电影

17. Mirvish Productions 的《哈利波特与被诅咒的孩子》
这部备受期待的戏剧在 CAA Ed Mirvish 剧院继续上演,充满了舞台魔术和激动人心的故事讲述。

18. ROM:神奇动物展

19. Cineplex Cinemas 家庭最爱
Cineplex 不仅在周六早上每个周末都会播放有趣的家庭电影,而且每部只需 2.99 美元。 真是个好主意!


20. Big Bounce Canada
Big Bounce Canada 巡回充气活动以四个大型景点为家庭友好型娱乐提供了令人惊叹的因素。


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XNUMXD压花不锈钢板 加拿大皇家国际马戏团 finishes up the Mississauga shows of their extremely popular family-friendly production, before finishing up the entire tour in Burlington next weekend. Don’t miss out! All summer, audiences both young and young at heart have been absolutely mesmerized by this action-packed performance. So, get ready to sit on the edge of your seat in amazement!

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“Under the European Big Top”是一场充满爆炸性现场娱乐的全新节目。 例如,有高空飞行的杂技、挑战死亡的技巧、小丑和高耸的力量壮举、平衡的身体摇摇欲坠的塔、极度弯曲和极其危险的空中飞行。

同样重要的是要注意节目中没有动物表演者。 取而代之的是,所有惊心动魄的表演都是由才华横溢的人类表演的! 由于加拿大是多元文化的,加拿大皇家马戏团也是如此。 当然,这些行为来自世界各地,包括阿根廷、加拿大、哥伦比亚、意大利、墨西哥、瑞士和美国。