Interested in Private School?对私立学校有兴趣? Take Part in the 2020 Virtual Private School Expo参加XNUMX虚拟私立学校博览会

2020年我们的儿童媒体私立学校博览会Whether your child is nearing school age or if they are already enrolled, every September parents cross fingers and toes hoping their child's educational experience will be a positive one.无论您的孩子快要上学了,还是已经入学,每年九月的父母都会用手指和脚趾交叉,希望他们的孩子的教育经历会很积极。 And this year, thanks to the global pandemic, school is even more top-of-mind than usual.而今年,由于全球大流行,学校比平时更加​​重视。

If you are in the midst of pondering your child's schooling experience why not take time to consider a private school option?如果您正在考虑孩子的上学经历,为什么不花时间考虑私立学校选择呢? This year the traditionally in-person event is moving online.今年,传统上面对面的活动正在网上进行。 我们的孩子私立学校入学途径 is a virtual private school expo offering online events for exploring, evaluating, and understanding the full expanse of private schools.是一个虚拟的私立学校博览会,提供在线活动,用于探索,评估和理解私立学校的全部范围。 Finding the best school for your child and family is incredibly important;为您的孩子和家人找到最好的学校非常重要; the school your child attends has a profound impact on his or her success.您的孩子上的学校对他或她的成功有深远的影响。 Whether you are interested in IB (International Baccalaureate) Waldorf, Montessori, special needs, local day schools, or boarding schools in Canada, the US, or abroad, the无论您对IB(国际文凭课程)华尔道夫,蒙台梭利,特殊需求,本地日制学校还是在加拿大,美国或国外的寄宿学校感兴趣, 我们的孩子私立学校博览会 是您可以回答所有问题的地方。

Learning to navigate the school system and figuring out which option is the best for your child is tough.学习在学校系统中导航并弄清楚哪种选择最适合您的孩子是困难的。 Once your child is in the right school you will be amazed at the different it makes.一旦您的孩子上了正确的学校,您会为它带来的不同感到惊讶。 All of a sudden your child is excited to go to school, they can't stop babbling about the “cool, new thing” they learned about, and you will see their confidence rise.突然,您的孩子对上学感到兴奋,他们无法停止对所学到的“新奇事物” cool之以鼻,您会看到他们的自信心增强。

无论您是知道私立学校绝对适合您的家庭,还是只是将私立学校作为众多选择之一,您都不想错过 私立学校博览会。 Speak with educational experts and learn about affording the tuition (there are financial assistance packages available).与教育专家交谈,并了解如何支付学费(有经济援助包)。 Is there a better way to model the importance of learning to your children than by taking the time to investigate all possible education options?是否有比花时间研究所有可能的教育选择更好的方法来模拟学习对孩子的重要性?

2020年我们的儿童媒体私立学校博览会的时间表 2020虚拟私立学校博览会 是:
十月3:与学校进行视频聊天或文字聊天。 Listen to schools answer questions from other parents.听学校回答其他父母的问题。 Join live streaming seminars with educational experts.与教育专家一起参加实时流媒体研讨会。 Our Kids Media offers step-by-step guidance – informed by their 23 years of helping families improve the quality of their school research.我们的儿童媒体提供了分步指导–在其XNUMX年的帮助中,他们帮助家庭改善了学校研究的质量。

十月5 - 18:参加家长问与答圆桌会议。 Gain insight from current parents as well as recent graduates.从当前的父母以及最近的毕业生那里获得见识。 Learn about their school experience and what they wish they had known prior to enrolling in a school.了解他们的入学经历以及在入学之前他们希望知道些什么。

十月5 - 24:获得与招生官员和学校负责人的独家会议的权限,以确定各种学校对您孩子的适合性。

2020虚拟私立学校博览会 is FREE to attend, but pre-registration is required.免费参加,但需要预先注册。 Please note, space is limited and early registration is strongly encouraged.请注意,名额有限,强烈建议提早注册。


什么时候:十月3 - 24,2020

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