What Helps You Be Happy?什麼可以幫助您快樂? Take a Look at Camp Serotonin at TELUS Spark看看TELUS Spark的XNUMX-羥色胺營地

TELUS Spark進入了絕佳的戶外環境,冒險正在呼喚! Camp Serotonin has arrived as a special exhibit this fall and you're invited to learn about the science of the hormones that keep you happy.血清素營地已於今年秋天作為特別展覽抵達,並且邀請您學習使您快樂的激素科學。 The world may seem like世界似乎 ...閱讀更多


All Sport One Day is an amazing opportunity for kids from all over the city to be exposed to sports that they haven't had the opportunity to try!全天運動對於來自城市各地的孩子來說是一個了不起的機會,讓他們接觸他們沒有機會嘗試的運動! Originally this year, it was scheduled for June but had to be cancelled.最初是今年,原定於六月,但不得不取消。 Now it's back,現在回來了 ...閱讀更多


Get ready for a weekend of medieval excitement, performances, and treasures from throughout the realm!準備一個整個週末的中世紀激動,表演和寶藏的周末! From October 30 – November 1, 2020, don your finest apparel for a visit to the Calgary Medieval Faire!從XNUMX年XNUMX月XNUMX日至XNUMX月XNUMX日,穿上最好的服裝參觀卡爾加里中世紀博覽會! You'll be amazed and entertained by magic, music, and enthralling您會被魔術,音樂和迷人的事物驚嘆和娛樂 ...閱讀更多

You're a Gem!你是寶石! Rock-A-Palooza & Calgary Gem and Mineral Show帕洛薩搖滾和卡爾加里寶石及礦物展

Head down to the Big Four Building from October 16 – 18, 2020, for the Calgary Gem and Mineral Show.從XNUMX年XNUMX月XNUMX日至XNUMX日前往卡爾加里寶石和礦物展的四大建築。 This year, the event will combine all the best parts of the Rock-A-Palooza Rock N' Gem Show with the Calgary Gem Show, in a今年,該活動將把Rock-A-Palooza Rock N'Gem Show的所有最佳部分與Calgary Gem Show結合在一起。 ...閱讀更多