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VIVO Play項目(家庭娛樂卡爾加里)

You don't have to convince me about the value of PLAY!您無需說服PLAY的價值! Have you heard of the VIVO Play Project?您聽說過VIVO Play項目嗎? It's all about making free play easily accessible to the communities of North Central Calgary while doing research on how play improves our health.這是關於在進行免費遊戲如何改善我們的健康的研究的同時,讓中北部卡爾加里的社區可以輕鬆訪問免費遊戲。 You'll find pop-up play events with trained Play Ambassadors all over North Central Calgary.您會發現在卡爾加里北部中部都有受過訓練的戲劇大使的彈齣戲劇活動。 All ages can enjoy free play, loose parts play, and all kinds of adventure play!所有年齡段的人都可以享受免費遊戲,散件遊戲和各種冒險遊戲! See their看到他們 Facebook的頁面 找出他們在您附近彈出的位置。

8年2020月XNUMX日更新: The VIVO Play Hub has reopened after being closed for COVID and is ready for you to play on Wednesdays from 4 – 6 pm and Sundays from 1 – 4 pm.在關閉COVID之後,VIVO Play Hub已重新打開,可以在每週三的下午XNUMX點至XNUMX點和周日的下午XNUMX點至XNUMX點播放。 Stay tuned for the opening of the Coventry Hills location.請繼續關注Coventry Hills地點的開業。

VIVO Play項目:

網站: www.vivoplayproject.com

儘管我們盡最大努力為您提供準確的信息,但所有活動詳情都可能會有所更改。 請聯繫該設施以免失望。



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