One of the most exciting parts of any trip is the regional food.任何旅行中最令人興奮的部分之一是區域美食。 Cuisines around the world take your taste buds on an adventure that is every bit as exciting as skiing, hiking, or visiting renowned museums.全世界的美食都會帶您進入味蕾,展開冒險,就像滑雪,徒步旅行或參觀著名的博物館一樣令人興奮。 Street food, fine dining with celebrated chefs, or even just tasting a fruit you cannot get back home is all part of the travel experience.旅行經驗包括街頭美食,與著名廚師的美食,甚至只是品嚐無法回家的水果。

So, what is a travel foodie to do when the borders are closed and COVID-19 makes travel unsafe?那麼,當邊界關閉並且COVID-XNUMX使旅行不安全時,旅行美食家該怎麼辦? Re-live a trip, or get a taste (heh) of what's to come when you start travelling again by creating a regional favourite in your own kitchen.重新開始旅途,或者通過在自己的廚房裡創建一個地區性的偏愛來重新開始旅行時,對接下來發生的事情有所了解。




Pasta comes from Italy, right?意大利麵食來自意大利,對嗎? While it's easy to associate the雖然很容易將 許多不同類型的麵食 as something that originated in Italy, there is much support to show that noodles originated in Asia and were adapted by other countries.作為起源於意大利的東西,有很多證據表明麵條起源於亞洲並被其他國家改編。 This shows the wonderful thing about travel – learning new dishes and making them your own with what you have available.這顯示了旅行的奇妙之處–學習新菜,並利用已有的菜品製作自己的菜。


Comforting, hearty, and great hot or cold, you can never go wrong with pasta.舒適,heart暢淋漓,冷熱皆宜,麵食絕對不會出錯。 When you want to be reminded of relaxing in Sicily, roaming in Rome, or sipping wine in Naples, a bowl of tasty pasta will do the trick.當您想讓您想起在西西里島放鬆,在羅馬漫遊或在那不勒斯喝葡萄酒時,一碗美味的意大利面將助您一臂之力。 But let's take it a step further.但是,讓我們更進一步。 It's time to make your own noodles!是時候自己做麵條了!


Don't be intimidated by the thought of making your own noodles.不要被自己做麵條的想法所嚇倒。 Pasta dough is simply flour, egg, and salt.意大利面麵團只是麵粉,雞蛋和鹽。 In some applications, you can even leave out the egg, although this makes the dough a little trickier to work with.在某些應用中,您甚至可以省去雞蛋,儘管這會使麵團處理起來有些棘手。


  • 1¾杯通用麵粉(對於那些在評論中直接說應該加倍00的人,我們將在一分鐘內解決!)
  • 多餘的麵粉將麵團撒粉
  • 兩個輕輕打的雞蛋
  • 鹽適量

Okay, about that double 00 flour – yes, if you have access to double 00, it is a better flour for making pasta.好吧,關於那雙00麵粉–是的,如果您可以使用雙XNUMX,那它是製作麵食的更好麵粉。 It will offer a nicer taste and mouthfeel.它將提供更好的口味和口感。 However, for a beginner or for those without access to double XNUMX, all-purpose flour is a great stand-in.但是,對於初學者或無法獲得雙倍XNUMX的人來說,通用麵粉是不錯的替代品。

Next, you need to mix up the ingredients.接下來,您需要混合成分。 This is easy if you have a stand mixer.如果您有立式攪拌機,這很容易。 Dump it all in and use the dough hook.將其全部傾倒並使用麵團鉤。 Slowly add more water or more flour as needed until your dough comes together as a ball.根據需要慢慢添加更多的水或更多的麵粉,直到麵團團團成球為止。 Let the mixer give it a good kneading.讓攪拌機進行良好的捏合。 The end result should be a nice, cohesive, not sticky ball of dough.最終結果應該是一個漂亮的,凝聚力強的,不發粘的麵團。

If mixing by hand, put your flour in a mound and the eggs in the centre.如果用手混合,則將麵粉放在土堆中,將雞蛋放在中間。 Work it over by hand, bringing the dough to a homogenous mixture.手工處理,使麵團均勻混合。 Add more flour if too wet or more water if too dry until you can roll the dough into a nice, non-sticky ball.如果太濕則添加更多的麵粉,如果太乾則添加更多的水,直到您可以將麵團滾成一個不錯的,不粘的球。


Rolling the dough can be done with a stand mixer attachment or a pasta machine but neither is necessary.可以使用立式攪拌機附件或麵條機完成麵團的滾動,但都不需要。 A rolling pin will suffice.用麵杖就足夠了。 If your dough has become moist in the fridge or sticks to the roller, flour it again.如果您的麵團在冰箱中變得潮濕或粘在滾筒上,請再次撒麵粉。 You need a fairly dry, stiff dough – but not stiff enough to crack as it is rolled.您需要一個相當乾燥,堅硬的麵團-但它的剛度不足以使其在滾動時破裂。

Once you have your sheets of dough rolled out, you can fold it over gently and cut it into ribbons (the dough should be dry enough to separate into ribbons once cut and unfolded) or use the cutting attachment on your mixer/pasta machine to cut spaghetti or fettuccine sized noodles.麵團張開後,可以將其輕輕折疊並切成條狀(麵團應乾燥至足以在切割和展開後分離成條狀)或使用攪拌機/意大利面機上的切割附件進行切割意大利面或意大利細麵條。 It helps to dry the noodles out a bit more before cooking them, so once cut pop them into a fridge on a pan, or if you have access to a這有助於在烹飪之前將麵條晾乾一些,因此一旦將麵條切成小塊,放入平底鍋的冰箱中,或者您可以使用 意大利面架,將麵條掛起來晾乾。

Fresh noodles cook very fast in boiling water.新鮮麵條在沸水中煮得非常快。 It takes about two minutes, but test a noodle for doneness before you remove them from the water.這大約需要兩分鐘,但是在將麵條從水中移出之前,請先測試麵條是否煮熟。 Remember, you have raw egg in there so ensure your noodles are cooked through.請記住,您那裡有生雞蛋,因此請確保將麵條煮熟。

That's it!而已! Add your favourite sauce and enjoy your noodles!加入您最喜歡的醬汁並享受您的麵條!


We all miss travel right now but following COVID-19 safety guidelines means we all get back to globetrotting sooner than later.我們所有人現在都錯過旅行,但是遵循COVID-XNUMX安全準則意味著我們所有人早晚回到環球旅行。 Meanwhile, there is a world of taste to explore and for that, you don't need a plane ticket.同時,這裡有很多值得探索的地方,為此,您不需要機票。 You need a kitchen and a sense of culinary adventure.您需要廚房和烹飪冒險的感覺。 Bon appétit!祝您好胃口!

我們有 這裡有更多旅行靈感的食譜!

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