If you're looking to get away to enjoy the last of the warm weather before winter settles in, why not head to the National Capital Region?如果您想逃脱在冬天来临时享受最后的温暖天气,为什么不前往国家首都区呢? Crisp blue skies, fresh air alive with the scent of fallen leaves, and vivid colours make Ottawa an湛蓝的天空,鲜活的空气和落叶的香味,鲜艳的色彩使渥太华成为 ...阅读更多


One of the most exciting parts of any trip is the regional food.任何旅行中最令人兴奋的部分之一是当地美食。 Cuisines around the world take your taste buds on an adventure that is every bit as exciting as skiing, hiking, or visiting renowned museums.全世界的美食都会带您进入味蕾,而这个冒险与滑雪,远足或参观著名的博物馆一样令人兴奋。 Street food, fine dining with celebrated chefs,街头小吃,与著名厨师的美食, ...阅读更多

Motel Hell-O:错的逗留故事以及如何避免他们的故事

Sometimes even the most road-ready travellers, those paragons of research, and disciples of detail manage to wind up in less than stellar accommodations.有时,即使是最适合上路的旅行者,那些研究的典范和细节的门徒也能在比一流的住宿环境中胜出。 What happened?发生了什么? And how can you avoid falling into the same trap?以及如何避免陷入同一陷阱? Meet five seasoned travel correspondents, people you would never认识五个经验丰富的旅行记者,这些人你永远都不会 ...阅读更多


The fall season is the perfect time to plan an adventure in the Okanagan Valley's biggest city, Kelowna.秋天的季节是计划在欧肯娜根山谷最大的城市基洛纳(Kelowna)冒险的最佳时机。 The summer's scorching temperatures give way to sunny warm days and cool nights that tempt visitors with hikes in golden hills, harvest bounties, and tours of夏季炎热的天气让阳光明媚的温暖的日子和凉爽的夜晚让游客在金色的山丘中远足,收获赏金和游览 ...阅读更多

由于使用了COVID-19,旅行已不再是过去。 建议遵守物理距离要求,确保经常洗手,并且在无法保持距离的情况下在室内戴口罩。 看到 www.travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories 以获得更多细节。