Where has this month gone? With plenty of festivals, outdoor events, and a few fabulous indoor activities, the month of May has flown by. I’m not ready for the end-of-year chaos to begin, but I’m certainly looking forward to warmer weather. If you’re still looking for Summer Camps, we’ve taken some of the work out of sourcing them by compiling a list of some of the best in Metro Vancouver. Check out our サマーキャンプガイド and have a great long weekend!

週末の家族向けイベントのトップピックは次のとおりです。 2022年5月18-20日.

1. ラドナーメイデイズ

May Days are a beloved tradition for many cities across Metro Vancouver. In Ladner, the May Day Festival spans a weekend with plenty of great family-friendly activities. Kick off the weekend with Shooting Star Amusement rides on Friday, continue the fun on Saturday with interactive activities such as gold panning, face painting, and local vendors, and finish off the weekend with the popular May Day parade on Sunday.

2. サリー SPARK ステージ

During this weekend celebration, take in an exciting line-up of performing arts. In between the performances, kids are invited to participate in arts-based activities such as puppet-making, dancing, and pop-up activities. Some shows are ticketed, while others are drop-in.

3. ポコ & サリー公共事業オープンハウス

This weekend marks the end of Public Works Week across BC where we celebrate the hard work done behind the scenes in Public Works yards. PoCo and Surrey are both hosting an Open House for families to come and see the equipment, participate in interactive activities, see some family-friendly entertainment, and eat some delicious BBQ food (for a small cost). See details about the Surrey Open House HEREPoCo Open House HERE.

4. ブラッドナーメーデー

ブラッドナー小学校のエキサイティングなフェアでメーデーを祝いましょう!祝賀会は午前8時の朝食から始まり、午前10時にコミュニティパレードが行われ、午前10時半に伝統的なメイポールダンスによる開会式が行われます。カーニバルの乗り物やゲーム、食べ物の売店、カー ショー、クラフト マーケットなどのアクティビティが 30 日中開催されます。

5. スポットエビまつり

プログラムに参加する(英語) ブリティッシュコロンビア州のシェフズテーブルソサエティ for a celebration of an iconic BC product at the annual Spot Prawn Festival. Purchase your own spot prawns to take home or enjoy some on site, plus, enjoy arts and crafts and live music.

6. シネプレックスファミリーのお気に入り

Enjoy Cineplex Family Favourites on Saturday mornings at 11am. Watch a family favourite film each week for a discounted rate ($3.99 plus tax *in theatre price). It’s a fun and affordable way to enjoy the weekend with your family! This Saturday, catch Thabo and the Rhino Case.

7. City-Wide Garage Sales

Get ready to find some new-to-you treasures at city-wide garage sales in Coquitlam and Langley this weekend! Spend the day ‘thrifting’ with your kids as they spend some pocket money on gently used books and toys to take home and enjoy. The Langley garage sales run on Saturday,May 25th from 9am-2pm, while the Coquitlam ones are on both Saturday and Sunday. Click こちら to find exact locations.


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