It’s high-action, high excitement and high levels of fun; the thrilling Royal Canadian International Circus is back and better than ever this year! Generations of circus families from around the world unite to put on a spectacular show that promises to mesmerize, astound, thrill and captivate audience members of all ages. The familiar sight of the towering Big Top is enough to bring back memories of shows from childhood and excite younger generations as they experience their first circus.

The Royal Canadian International Circus has an incredibly busy touring schedule but has made time for two stops in Metro Vancouver with 19 shows in Surrey and 11 shows in Richmond. The performances are family-friendly and feature some of the most talented performers from around the world.

Royal Canadian Circus (Family Fun Vancouver)

It’s an all-new show for 2024 with dazzling performances. Don’t miss the Daredevil extraordinaire, Joseph Dominik Bauer of Switzerland on the Wheel of Destiny, the amazing  Guerrero High Wire Troupe, and the thrilling Globe of Death extreme motorcyclist with big tricks, stunts, and more bravery than most humans could ever dream of possessing! If you’ve seen America’s Got Talent, you will recognize the Zenman Rollerskating Duo and their impressive stunts. The extreme Leo Garcia aka the Human Cannonball will stun the crowd with his fearlessness, and Bollywood Aerialists will impress audiences with their high-flying acrobatics. Other incredible acts include the “CHU” Diablo Acrobatics from Taiwan, the Pacusito Unicyclist, and all the comedy and clowning that your family has come to love at the Royal Canadian International Circus.

Royal Canadian Circus (Family Fun Vancouver)

If you haven’t been to the Royal Canadian International Circus, you’re in for a treat! There is something so enthralling about watching people with incredible skill and talent complete risky tricks and stunts with such precision. Without a doubt, our favourite part of the show is the daring wheel-walking act performed by the ringmaster, Joseph Dominik Bauer. For those of you who like to sit on the edges of your seats, enthralled by a nail-biting experience seemingly rife with danger and catastrophe, the Wheel of Destiny is going to keep you captivated. Imagine a large spinning steel wheel 20′ in the air then add a real-life daredevil skipping and juggling fire on the OUTSIDE of the spinning ring. It’s a wild and unforgettable act to be sure.

Royal Canadian Circus (Family Fun Vancouver)

But the Royal Canadian International Circus doesn’t just dazzle you with one death-defying performance, the breath-stealing moments keep on coming! Get ready for your jaw to hit the ground when the Motorcycle Globe takes center stage. Envision a large metal ball – think a human-sized hamster ball – and then add in people roaring around on motorcycles inside the contraption! In between these moments of high-intensity stunts are performers who have learned their craft over many years and in some cases, are part of generational families of performers.

Royal Canadian Circus (Family Fun Vancouver)

Royal Canadian International Circus is about giving both children and adults a glimpse into a traditional world, in which “families perform for families,” and where everyone can enjoy a truly affordable show together, regardless of age. This entourage of circus families comes from multiple countries. They’ve traveled the world sharing their talents with circus audiences on four continents. Because of their uncompromising quest for excellence, you’ll be amazed by this year’s traditional and thrilling Royal Canadian International Circus!

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Royal Canadian International Circus:

When: May 2-12, 2024
Where: Guildford Town Centre
Address: 10355- 152 Street, Surrey

When: May 16-20, 2024
Where: Lansdowne Centre
Address: 5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond (in the Parking Lot)