I have never appreciated going outside as much as I have in 2020. Calgarians have always embraced the outdoors and thrived on outdoor activities and with all the chaos and confusion in this weird new world, this is more true than ever.我从来没有像XNUMX年那样享受过户外活动。卡尔加里亚人一直热爱户外活动,并在户外活动中蓬勃发展,在这个陌生的新世界中充满了混乱和混乱,这比以往任何时候都更加真实。 We've been我们去过 ...阅读更多


Did you know that Canada's largest outdoor stage is just an hour and a half northeast of Calgary?您知道加拿大最大的户外舞台在卡尔加里东北仅一小时半的路程吗? You may already be familiar with Drumheller, Alberta as being the dinosaur capital of the world.您可能已经熟悉阿尔伯塔省的德拉姆黑勒(Drumheller)作为世界恐龙之都。 The Royal Tyrrell Museum, opportunities to dig for fossils, great皇家泰瑞尔博物馆,挖掘化石的机会,很棒 ...阅读更多

Considering Private Education?考虑私立教育吗? Investigate All Your Options With the Our Kids Calgary Private School Expo!通过我们的孩子卡尔加里私立学校博览会研究所有选择!

Calgary is a large vibrant city filled with options and possibilities for children and families.卡尔加里(Calgary)是一个充满生机的大城市,到处都是儿童和家庭的选择和可能性。 When you're thinking about private schools, however, it's easy to get overwhelmed by these options, as wonderful as they may be.但是,当您考虑私立学校时,很容易被这些选择所淹没,尽管它们可能如此美妙。 What type of private school would suit your哪种私立学校适合您 ...阅读更多