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Adele Paul est une ancienne enseignante et voyageuse du monde devenue maman et blogueuse au foyer. La seule chose qu'elle aime mieux qu'une soirée avec de la bonne nourriture et des copines est 8pm câliner avec ses enfants 3 à sa maison de Saskatoon. Trouvez-la à:

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Voyager avec les enfants d'autres personnes - 5 raisons de ne pas passer au nucléaire lors de vos prochaines vacances en famille

Publié le: 8 novembre 2019

‘MOM! I HAD IT FIRST!’ ‘BUT SHE WASN’T USING IT!’ ‘YES, I WAS. MOOOOM. HE WON’T GIVE IT BACK.’ ‘FINDERS KEEPERS! MOOOOOOOOOM!’ …the chorus line of every family car ride, road trip, plane delay, rain day and holiday stay known to mankind. If it’s not fighting over the possession-du-jour, it’s
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Incontournable Maui pour les familles: attractions 9 pour tous les âges

Publié le: 13 juin 2019

Families looking to push the easy button for a hot getaway best not discount Hawaii’s most popular island! Maui is green, full of amazing beaches & luscious scenery, and it boasts some of the best weather on any of the Hawaiian islands. This tropical paradise keeps visitors coming back time
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48 heures de plaisir en famille à Regina, la ville reine du Canada

Publié le: 7 janvier 2019

“It feels like we’re in England!” These words come from my nine-year-old son, half Brit by descent, and I can’t disagree. As we sit enjoying a gorgeous, sunny afternoon taking in all the pomp and ceremony of the Sergeant Major’s Parade at Regina’s RCMP Training Depot, our environment has undoubtedly
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Canucks, Crafts & Cheer! Trouvez tout dans ces meilleurs marchés de Noël au Canada 8

Publié le: 22 novembre 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, and no one knows how to celebrate better than the citizens of the great, white north! Canadians love to ring in the season with mistletoe, plenty of snow and, of course, Christmas markets. From Victoria to St. John’s, our great nation is looking to
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Le Windscape Kite Festival prend des festivals à de nouveaux sommets au pays des cieux vivants

Publié le: 2 juillet 2018

“KITES!” my kids shout in unison as we round the corner on South Railway Street in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. With a grain terminal to our right and an expanse of blue sky dotted with a colourful array of kites to our left, it is a truly unique prairie vista. The
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Humilité, imagination et éléments - Passer une nuit dans un tipi à Wanuskewin

Publié le: 29 juin 2018

As we roll up to Wanuskewin Heritage Park 5km northwest of Saskatoon, the skies are moody. There’s a foreboding black cloud to the east, the air is uncharacteristically damp, and my Weather Network app tells me it will be 4 degrees overnight. I’m not a camper by any stretch of
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Célébration des 10 YEARS du réseau Family Fun Canada! Nos dix meilleures histoires de tous les temps

Publié le: 15 juin 2018

  In 2008, best friends and moms Melissa and Voula grew tired of missing out on some of the great family-friendly events and activities in their hometown of Calgary. They put their heads together in search of a solution, decided to start a website that would keep local parents in
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Vacances d'été! 9 choses à faire lorsque le camping n'est pas votre truc

Publié le: 11 mai 2018

It’s a scene we re-enact year after year. Our family of five pays an annual visit to Can Tire to pick up the odds and ends we need to put in our vegetable patch. The kids get distracted by the Outdoor Living section and bombard me with all kinds of
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7 Conseils pour survivre la nuit avec un bébé dans votre chambre d'hôtel

Publié le: 30 mars 2018

To stay or not stay? The dreaded baby-in-a-hotel-room conundrum is enough to get any travelling parent’s head spinning. What are the best sleeping arrangements? To flush or not to flush after that 2am pee break? Will the light from the Kindle be enough to disturb your little one’s descent into
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Faire des souvenirs dans le désert avec ces 6 Awesome Adventures for Families à Palm Springs

Publié le: 9 mars 2018

Headed to Palm Springs with your family? With the lovely desert weather, ample opportunity to relax, and plenty of good eats, there’s no place better to kick-back with loved ones, but if you’re looking for an adventure or two, we’ve got you covered! Check out our AWESOME list of… 6
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