The Philip and Lucinda Dino-Show, performed by The Grand Salto Theatre (Zita Nyarady and Myque Franz), is a dino-mite family-friendly interactive presentation of dinosaur history unlike any other! Two dinosaur explorers extraordinaire set out to understand the Paleozoic Era with song, dance and acrobatics. They may be “dino explorers” but they soon discover that their audience is filled with “dino experts”! It’s a fantastic deep-dive into dinosaurs and a pre-historic adventure for all ages.

The Philip and Lucinda Dino-Show

When: August 27-September 4, 2022
Time: Saturday-Sunday 10:00am & 12:00pm, Friday 12:00pm
Where: Wychwood Theatre, 76 Wychwood Avenue, #Studio 176
Website:, Tickets available through Eventbrite

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