Dessert Destinations (Family Fun Calgary)
Delicious and Decadent: Five Dessert Destinations in Calgary

“And does anyone have room for dessert?” It’s often the afterthought at the end of the meal, but sometimes, it should be the main event. Often less expensive than going out for a full meal, it’s a delightful way to still splurge and add some celebration to your life. Meet
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"Glamping" at the Calgary Sandman Inn (Family Fun Calgary)
“Glamping” at the Calgary Sandman Inn This Winter

Life has looked very different for the last year, but people have stepped up with great creativity! This winter, you can have a family-friendly, mini-adventure with the Sandman Hotel Group’s Family Glamping Rooms! Every Calgary Sandman has created a limited number of “camping” rooms, including adorable tents, kids’ camping chairs,
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Alberta Camping (Family Fun Calgary)
Camping in Alberta is Coming Soon! Alberta Parks Camping Reservation Opening March 4

Individual campsite reservations at Alberta Parks campgrounds open on March 4, 2021, for bookings up to 90 days in advance of your scheduled arrival date — launch times are staggered by region. Continue to follow all Alberta health guidelines when visiting the parks and check with your campsite for specifics. Shower
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Family-Friendly Breweries (Family Fun Calgary)
Family-Friendly Breweries: Something for You, Something for the Kids!

From cozy to trendy to eclectic, you don’t have to give up going to the pub now that you have kids! Here at Family Fun Calgary, we were inspired by our sister website in Edmonton to come up with a list of family-friendly breweries. Many breweries welcome children and often have
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Birthday Treats (Family Fun Calgary)
Happy Birthday! Get FREE Treats on Your Special Day – Calgary Edition

Celebrating your birthday? Kids get so excited, but we grown-ups sometimes grumble; those mounting years can start to get a little concerning! But we’ve found a great way to keep the kids’ fun going and/or cheer you up on your special day – FREE STUFF! Read on to find out
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Nature Kids Alberta (Family Fun Calgary)
Be a Nature Hero with Nature Kids Alberta

Help your kid become a nature hero! Kristi McGowan, the editor of Family Fun Edmonton, has discovered this cool Nature Kids program that guides kids ages 4 – 12 through 10 different nature activities. Take a look at how even Kristi’s 2-year-old twins got involved! From mountains to prairies, grasshoppers
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Clearly Free Glasses (Family Fun Calgary)
Kids Can See CLEARLY Now! FREE Glasses For Kids Ten and Under

If you have kids, you know they can be expensive! And a healthy life includes healthy eyes, because it’s hard to thrive when you can’t see. Anyone who has a child who wears glasses knows that glasses break, or they get misplaced, or a child’s prescription changes! Clearly has opened
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Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing (Family Fun Calgary)
Snowshoeing and Cross-country Skiing In & Around Calgary

Ah, winter in Calgary – cold and snowy. Perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Unless it’s not, of course, because the only thing that’s sure in this city is the capricious nature of our winter weather, and most of us love the comparatively balmy Chinook winds! Whether or not we
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