The Toronto International Festival of Authors’ children’s events, TIFA Kids, returns this year with an online program. Canadian and international authors, illustrators and performers come together virtually to talk about their work and explore their wide-ranging literary themes. Furthermore, families can experience interactive readings, draw-alongs, live discussions and spoken word poetry.

In addition, some highlights for younger readers include discussions with award-winning authors and illustrators, a discussion of the newest Miles Morales Spiderman graphic novel, the TD Bank Grade One Book Giveaway and a Halloween-themed story-time session with Toronto drag artists Fay and Fluffy.

TIFA Kids Event Calendar

October 21

1:00 pm – Kindness is a Superpower with Ruth Ohi (Related Book: “Choose Kindness”)

October 22

2:00 pm – Catch the Hip-hop Bug: Khodi Dill (Related Book: “Welcome to the Cypher”)

October 23

10:30 am – The Fabulous Zed Watson! with Basil & Kevin Sylvester (Related Book: “The Fabulous Zed Watson!”)
11:30 am – The World of Upside Down, Inside Out Superheroes with Sophy Henn (Related Book: “Pizazz Vs. The New Kid”)
1:00 pm – Illustrating for Children – An Artist’s Experience (Panel discussion)
1:00pm – Malaika’s Costume with Nadia L. Hohn & Irene Luxbacher (Related Book: “Malaika’s Costume”)
2:00 pm – Meet David Suzuki: Elizabeth MacLeod & Mike Deas (Related Book: “Meet David Suzuki”)

October 24

11:00 am – Fay & Fluffy’s Storytime (Live Reading)
11:00 am – Murder, Mystery & History with Vivian French & Marthe Jocelyn (Related Book: “Aggie Morton, Mystery Queen: The Dead Man in the Garden” and “The Runaways of Haddington Hall”)
1:30 pm – Friends Forever with Shannon Hale & LeUyen Pham (Related Book: “Friends Forever”)
2:30 pm – Literary Death Match – TIFA Kids Edition (Panel Discussion)
2:30 pm – Loss, Heartbreak & Hurricanes with Asha Bromfield & Courtney Summers (Related Books: “The Project” and “Hurricane Summer”)
3:30 pm – Look Out! It’s Jon Klassen (Related Book: “The Rock from the Sky”)

October 25

1:00 pm – When the World is Too Loud – with Jeffrey & Shezza Ansloos (Related Book: “Thunder and the Noise Storm”)

October 26

1:00 pm – Celebrate our Differences with Sara O’Leary (Related Book: “A Kid is a Kid is a Kid”)

October 27

1:30 pm – Soundtrack of the City with Ashley Barron & Darren Lebeuf (Related Book: “My City Speaks”)

October 28

1:00 pm – Beautiful Birds & Butterflies with Geraldo Valerio (Related Books: “Busy, Busy Birds” and “My Book of Butterflies”)

October 29

1:00 pm – Sorry is the Hardest Word of All with Debbie Ridpath Ohi (Related Book: “I’m Sorry”)
6:00 pm – Canadian Children’s Book Centre Awards (Virtual Ceremony)

October 30

11:30 am – The Power of Style: Christian Allaire (Related Book: “The Power of Style”)
1:00 pm – Kaleidoscope with Brian Selznick (Related Book: “Kaleidoscope”)
2:00 pm – Malaika’s Surprise with Nadia L. Hohn & Irene Luxbacher (Related Book: “Malaika’s Surprise)
3:00 pm – Tingling Spidey Sense Tales with Miles Morales: Shockwaves with Justin A. Reynolds & Pablo Leon (Related Book: “Miles Morales: Shockwaves”)
4:00 pm – Love in the Afteryoon: David Yoon & Nicola Yoon (Related Books: “Instructions for Dancing” and “Frankly in Love”)
4:00 pm – Who Are Our Families with Naseem Hrab, David A. Robertson, Jillian Tamaki & Rebecca Thomas (Panel Discussion)

October 31

11:00 am – Fay & Fluffy’s Storytime Halloween Special (Live Reading)
11:30 am – Do You Want to be in a Totally Cool Scary Story? (Related Book: With Sean Taylor “How To Be Cooler Than Cool”)
12:00 pm – Finding Their Way in New Universes: Wab Kinew & Kenneth Oppel (Related Books: “Walking in Two Worlds” and “Thrive”)
12:30 pm – Beetling About with Ashley Spires (Related Book: “Burt the Beetle Doesn’t Bite”)
1:30pm – Coming of Age with Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock & Meg Rosoff (Related Books: “Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town” and “The Great Godden”)
2:00 pm – Halloween with Scaredy Squirrel & Melanie Watt (Related Book: “Scaredy Squirrel in a Nutshell”)
3:00 pm – Prophecies, Quests & Bad Tales with Joseph Coelho & Kate DiCamillo (Related Books: “The Beatryce Prophecy” and “Frankenstiltskin”)
4:00 pm – It’s a Mermaid – But Not As We Know It! With Shakirah Bourne (Related Book: “Josephine Against the Sea”)
4:00 pm – The Monsters Amongst Us with Cherie Dimaline & Patrick Ness (Related Books: “Hunting By Stars” and “Burn”)

TIFA Kids (part of the Toronto International Festival of Authors)

When: October 21 – 31, 2021
Where: Online

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