At Home

Sometimes there’s no place like home! Whether it’s an online event or indoor activities, there are plenty of ways to entertain the whole family inside.

Toronto Railway Museum: “The Railways that Spurred Early Oil’s Expansion”

Join the Toronto Railway Museum for the free online lecture “The Railways that Spurred Early Oil’s Expansion”. In this talk, historians look at how the booming oil industry and railroads are intrinsically linked in Lambton County, spurring development from the building of the private Petrolia Spur line to the St
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Ultimate Guide For Kids At home
Ultimate Guide For Kids Activities At Home

Bad weather, school breaks and a whole host of other things (like a pandemic) can land your kids at home …. bored and begging you for snacks. The Ultimate Guide For Kids At Home to the rescue! If you’re stuck in a rut with your usual activities around the house,
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Boredom Bingo Toronto Kids
Boredom BINGO! {With Free Printable}

“The days are long, but the years are short,” is how the saying goes. The days are made even longer still when you have kids telling you how bored they are every 15 minutes. Sure you can just tell them to go read a book or find something to do,
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101 Things To Do At Home As A Family

Alternate titles for this article were “How To Entertain Kids During A Pandemic” and “Surviving COVID-19 As A Family Without Going Crazy.”  With the empty state of our current calendars, we’ve compiled a list of ‘101 Things To Do at Home’ to help fill up some of that unscheduled time with
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Make Memories With A Mini Staycation At Home

With each passing birthday, holiday and special occasion, it’s hard not to let hope escape out the back door. Part of me just wants to pout and throw a toddler-sized tantrum over all the things that are cancelled. But the truth is, my kids don’t care near as much as
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8 Creative And EASY Invitations To Play

There’s nothing quite like watching a child get lost in their own little imaginative world. I think that it is the height of comfort and safety for a child – to feel free to be, without limitations. The doors are wide open right now for this kind of play as
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family virtual experience screen time
Take A Mini-Getaway With These Family-Friendly Virtual Experiences

Are you house bound with the kids right now? Then you are probably starting to grasp at straws looking for creative ways to entertain them while still keeping your sanity. If you need a little break from the demands and stress, why not take a mini-getaway around the world with
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Simple Fun at Home
Simple Fun for a Weekend at Home

Going out to cool events is all good and fun, but let’s not forget the basics of family connection and the importance of fun within the home as well. Whether the weather is difficult, or there’s a virus going around (I’m talking to you COVID-19), or you just need a
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