Does your child love to spend their summer outside getting in touch with nature? They can do just that at summer day camp sessions at Camp Brimacombe, where they can have outdoor adventures while exploring their environment and learning through play! At Camp Brimacombe, campers participate in creative and engaging activities in a supportive and holistic-focused setting. Through the lively weekly programs, kids grow emotionally by gaining new experiences, developing fundamental skills and fostering new friendships.

Throughout their camp journey, the participants attend age-appropriate programs that are designed to promote self-confidence and personal growth. First, children aged 4-12 have fun outdoors at Camp Brimacombe’s spirited day camp adventures. Then at ages 12-14, experienced campers attend a Leader-In-Training program to advance their leadership and teamwork skills. Finally, teenage campers aged 14–16 graduate to the Counsellor-In-Training program to learn what it takes to be a counsellor at camp.

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Brimacombe’s Summer Camp Groups

At Camp Brimacombe, the counsellors and staff members aim to foster the campers’ personal development, while delivering an educational, exciting and memorable experience for all participants. Every week throughout the summer, they provide a safe outdoor environment that is also empowering and encouraging, which nurtures each child’s uniqueness.

  • Sprouts (Ages 4-6)
    Kids start their Camp Brimacombe journey in the Sprouts program, where counsellors monitor the kids closely while assisting with their emerging gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, this program supports each child’s unique qualities and independence through immediate feedback and guidance.
  • Saplings (Ages 6-9)
    Next, in the Saplings program, counsellors promote the kids’ physical and emotional development by challenging them, including such skills as strength, endurance, logical reasoning and social skills. Plus, campers at this age work on both cooperative and structured activities.
  • Mighty Oaks (Ages 9-12)
    In the Mighty Oaks program, the campers increase their independence and self-confidence by participating in organized activities that promote fair play, honesty, communication, and leadership.
  • Leader-In-Training (Ages 12-14)
    While participating in recreational camp activities, the Leader-in-Training (LIT) program also develops the campers’ confidence and leadership skills. Furthermore, the Lifesaving Society provides an Emergency First Aid certification course.
  • Counsellor-In-Training (Two-Week Session) (Ages 14-16)
    Lastly, in the 10-day Counsellor-In-Training (CIT) program, experienced campers receive credentials in the High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development, Health and Safety Training, Standard First Aid and CPR-C. They receive the necessary credentials to become future camp counsellors while developing essential life skills at the same time.

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Camp Activities

At Camp Brimacombe, the campers delve into new and exciting learning adventures each week! Meanwhile, they stay active while exploring the natural world around them through age-appropriate activities, such as:

  • Trail Walks
  • Water Play
  • STEM activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Tie-Dye
  • Forest Play
  • Group Games
  • Hiking

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Camp Brimacombe’s Weekly Themes

Not only do campers get to spend a beautiful summer outdoors at Camp Brimacombe but there’s a different theme each week to keep the kids engaged and excited! Throughout the summer months, campers explore nature and participate in fun and educational activities.

  • Week One (July 2-5, 2024 -*4-Day Camp) – Astronaut Academy: Galactic Explorations
    In this camp week, the Galactic Explorers complete galactic training at Camp Brimacombe’s Astronaut Academy as they orbit the solar system and navigate around comets and asteroids, all while racing rocket ships!
  • Week Two (July 8-12, 2024) – Shipwrecked: Treasures & Tides
    Arrrr, the good ship Brimacombe’s crew has discovered a secret island, complete with a one-of-a-kind treasure map! Campers splash their way through tropical quests, such as outsmarting pirates, exploring uncharted waters, and digging for gold.
  • Week Three (July 15-19, 2024) – Spy Academy: Secret Agents in Training
    Kids who dream of becoming a spy can embark on a classified mission, including dusting for fingerprints and reading invisible ink. Shhh, we can’t divulge any more details… it’s top secret!
  • Week Four (July 22-26, 2024) – Super Soaked Adventures: H2OhYeah!
    Campers make a splash in this camp week as they dive into a jam-packed schedule of tropical events and underwater ocean discoveries!
  • Week Five (July 29-August 2, 2024) – Brim-lympics: Silly Summer Games
    On your mark, get set, and go for gold at the Brim-lympics! Camper splash and dash to the podium with classic and silly games like potato sack races, three-legged races, water balloon toss and more.
  • Week Six (August 6-9, 2024 -*4-Day Camp) – Aqua Explorers: Wonders of the Waves
    Watery adventures await as the kids go on a marine mission and dive deep to discover underwater legends. Meanwhile, the campers beat the heat with water games that are wet, wild and wacky!
  • Week Seven (August 12-16, 2024) – Camper Versus Wild
    Kids these days know how to mine and craft their way through a video game, but in this camp, they learn how to survive the wild in real life! Activities include fire-building challenges, learning about food sources, building shelters, making tools and going on exciting treks.
  • Week Eight (August 19-23, 2024) – Camp Brimacombe’s Got Talent
    The stage will be set to celebrate the campers’ unique talents! Whether they want to sing, dance, hula-hoop, tell jokes or perform tricks, everyone is welcome to participate in the showstopper talent show at the end of the week.
  • Week Nine (August 26-30, 2024) – Mad Science Academy: Nature’s Laboratory
    Little scientists can grab their lab coats and beakers and step into Camp Brimacombe’s summer lab, where kids get hands-on with natural experimental studies, filled with wacky experiments and discoveries!

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Camp Brimacombe Summer Camp

When: Weekly sessions from July through to the end of August
Where: 4098 Durham Road 9, Orono
Phone: 905-983-5983

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