If you haven’t heard the good news, the Blue Jays are finally coming home! After spending all of last year’s season and half of this year at their minor league sites in Dunedin, Florida and Buffalo, New York, they have been given the OK by the federal government to allow the team and visiting teams to travel into Canada. Unvaccinated players and staff members will be confined to the ballpark and hotel for the safety of the Canadian public.

Tickets for the first home-stand at Rogers Centre (July 30 – August 8) go on sale today (July 22)! For the time being, the seating capacity has been reduced to 15,000 with only the 100 and 200 levels in use, plus suites. You can purchase regular seating in the infield sections or “physically distanced pods” of up to four seats (i.e. seats in every second row with spaces on both sides of each group as well) in the baseline and outfield sections. Further details about the 2021 Promotions Schedule will be shared as it becomes available in the coming weeks.

Toronto Blue Jays Home Schedule 2021:

Friday, July 30 – 7:07pm vs. Kansas City Royals
Saturday, Jul 31 – 3:07pm vs. Kansas City Royals
Sunday, August 1 – 1:07pm vs. Kansas City Royals
Monday, August 2 – 3:07pm vs. Cleveland Indians
Tuesday, August 3 – 7:07pm vs. Cleveland Indians
Wednesday, August 4 – 7:07pm vs. Cleveland Indians
Thursday, August 5 – 7:07pm vs. Cleveland Indians
Friday, August 6 – 7:07pm vs. Boston Red Sox
Saturday, August 7 – 3:07pm vs. Boston Red Sox (Two split-admission 7-inning doubleheader games. Separate tickets are required for each game.)
Sunday, August 8 – 1:07pm vs. Boston Red Sox

Further 2021 dates:

Friday, August 20 – 7:07pm vs. Detroit Tigers
Saturday, August 21 – 3:07pm vs. Detroit Tigers
Sunday, August 22 – 1:07pm vs. Detroit Tigers
Monday, August 23 – 7:07pm vs. Chicago White Sox
Tuesday, August 24 – 7:07pm vs. Chicago White Sox
Wednesday, August 25 – 7:07pm vs. Chicago White Sox
Thursday, August 26 – 3:07pm vs. Chicago White Sox
Monday, August 30 – 7:07pm vs. Baltimore Orioles
Tuesday, August 31 – 7:07pm vs. Baltimore Orioles
Wednesday, September 1 – 7:07pm vs. Baltimore Orioles
Friday, September 3 – 7:07pm vs. Oakland Athletics
Saturday, September 4 – 3:07pm vs. Oakland Athletics
Sunday, September 5 – 1:07pm vs. Oakland Athletics
Monday, September 13 – 7:07pm vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Tuesday, September 14 – 7:07pm vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Wednesday, September 15 – 3:07pm vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Friday, September 17 – 7:07pm vs. Minnesota Twins
Saturday, September 18 – 3:07pm vs. Minnesota Twins
Sunday, September 19 – 1:07pm vs. Minnesota Twins
Tuesday, September 14 – 7:07pm vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Tuesday, September 28 – 7:07pm vs. New York Yankees
Wednesday, September 29 – 7:07pm vs. New York Yankees
Thursday, September 30 – 7:07pm vs. New York Yankees
Friday, October 1 – 7:07pm vs. Baltimore Orioles
Saturday, October 2 – 3:07pm vs. Baltimore Orioles
Sunday, October 3 – 3:07pm vs. Baltimore Orioles

Blue Jays

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. at bat. Photo Credit: Melissa Mohaupt

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