Toronto is a tobogganing kind of town: we don’t have mountains or a fancy skating canal or enough snowfall to build a long-standing structure, but what we do have is hills, hills and more hills. Due to geographic elements (ravines carved into the ground by flowing rivers from the Canadian Shield to Lake Ontario) and the city’s industrial past (gravel and sand pits, and brickyards being converted into parks), there are now hundreds of tobogganing and sledding spots to enjoy. Check out our picks for The Best Tobogganing Hills in Toronto!

Note: There are plenty of small hills and in almost every park, but not every one is a designated tobogganing area by the City of Toronto. No matter where you go, always heed the safety rules and be careful!

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Downtown & West End

Bickford Park

Bickford Park has three tobogganing hills to choose from. Even though it’s close to Bloor Street, it’s more secluded than other options and therefore typically less busy.
Address: 400 Grace Street, Toronto

(Note: Nearby Christie Pits Park is another popular spot in the area but is not actually a designated tobogganing hill by the City of Toronto.)

High Park

Some areas of this huge park have been deemed unsafe for sledding by the City of Toronto, but it’s fine on the eastern side at Howard Park Avenue and Parkside Drive.
Address: 1873 Bloor St. West, Toronto

Rennie Park

On the other side of Grenadier Pond from the High Park crowds, this is a quieter neighbourhood park that also has many other facilities such as a hockey rink and skating path.
Address: 1 Rennie Terrace, Toronto

East End & Scarborough

Glen Stewart Park

For one of the most picturesque rides around, head over to this ravine park tucked away in the Beach neighbourhood. The sledding area is a valley so you can treat it like a half-pipe: go down one way and up the other!
Address: 351 Glen Manor Drive, Toronto

Greenwood Park

This park has some of the best winter activity options in the city, with a new covered rink and popular skating path. Plus it has a obstacle-free sledding hill with a large flat area at the bottom so kids can safely glide to a natural stop.
Address: 150 Greenwood Avenue, Toronto

L’Amoreaux Park

L’Amoreaux Park gets a lot of visitors in summer at Kidstown Water Park, but it’s quiet in winter which is surprising given the excellent slopes. The hills are steep with long run-outs.
Address: 2000 McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough

Riverdale Park East and West

Both sides of the Don Valley offer great tobogganing runs. The west side in Cabbagetown has a staircase and a better ride for younger kids, plus it’s near Riverdale Farm which is open (and free!) all through the winter. Riverdale Park East near East Chinatown features a more thrilling ride and has one of the best downtown views from its peak.
Address: 375 Sumach Street (West); 550 Broadview Ave (East), Toronto

Withrow Park

This popular east-end spot has a smooth hill and stairs, plus a popular skating rink and an off-leash dog area.
Address: 725 Logan Avenue, Toronto

Etobicoke, York & North York

Cedarvale Park

This popular park has a wide space and gentle slope, perfect for beginners. The park also has an off-leash dog area and indoor skating rink.
Address: 443 Arlington Avenue, York

Centennial Park

The best-known hill located in Etobicoke has plenty of space for lots of sledders, plus there’s also skiing on a separate hill. (Interesting tidbit: It’s named Centennial Park because it was opened in honour of Canada’s 100th birthday in 1967!)
Address: 165 Centennial Park Boulevard, Etobicoke

Humber Sheppard Park

Near the intersection of Highways 401 and 400, this park has a gentle slope forged over time by the Humber River. A similar hill south of the 401 is Weston Lions Park.
Address: 3100 Weston Road, Toronto

Linus Park

This hill is lit at night, which is great when the days are so short at the winter solstice. It’s near Earl Bales Park if you want to graduate to skiing (which, because of its designation as a ski hill, does not allow tobogganing).
Address: 125 Seneca Hill Drive, North York

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