Weston Folktale Festival presents fun, family-friendly and free outdoor artistic programming in and around the Weston community. It features two simultaneous events that explore stories passed along through ancestry: “Beyond My Skin”, a photography and poetry exhibition created by local youth, and “Harabogee & Me”, a free play by Shakespeare In Action.

Weston Folktale Festival

When: August 16-28, 2022
Time: “Beyond My Skin”: August 16-21 10:00–3:30pm, August 23-28 1:00–3:30pm; “Harabogee & Me” 7:00pm
Where: “Beyond My Skin” Raymore Park, 93 Raymore Drive, Etobicoke; “Harabogee & Me”: Little Avenue Memorial Park, 22 Little Avenue, York
Website: www.shakespeareinaction.org

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