Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Gift Experiences offer nature lovers the chance to see a world of butterflies like you’ve never seen before, freely flying in a tropical garden. Just as magical as it sounds, it’s a fascinating outing for families!

Discover thousands of free-flying butterflies in the 10,000 square foot indoor tropical garden. Explore the extensive conservatory with its wide variety of tropical plants, birds, and other animals. Relax at the water features and perhaps even witness butterflies emerging from their chrysalis to take their first flight! Then finally, stop in at the gift store and grab a snack from the café to complete your visit!

Cambridge Butterfly Gift Experiences

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Gift Experiences — Annual Passes

How does a constant 25 degrees in the middle of winter sound? Visit anytime, all through the year, when you buy yourself an Annual Pass to Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory… it pays for itself in just four visits!

Upon payment, you will immediately receive your temporary Annual Pass access card delivered straight to your inbox. That way, you can use it right away! Or, if you choose to send an Annual Pass to a friend or family member, a gift email is delivered immediately to your gift recipient’s inbox.

Annual Passes are activated on the date of the first visit, at which time the recipient is also given an Annual Pass access card.

Benefits of an Annual Pass: 
Not only do Members get to experience the beautiful tropical conservatory year-round, they also get to take advantage of:

  • FREE Admission to Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory for one full year
  • 10% discount on Gift Store items
  • 10% discount in the Chrysalis Café
  • 10% discount on Admission tickets for accompanying friends and family (up to 2 guests)

Cambridge Butterfly Gift Experiences

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Gift Experiences — Leafcutter Ant Exhibit

One of the main attractions for Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Annual Pass Members is to see the highly ant-icipated leafcutter ant nest! In this exciting exhibit, you can learn about these natural farmers, including their hidden underground fungus gardens. Complete with interconnected chambers, the nest is filled with thousands of leafcutter ants, each with various skills and roles to play within the colony.

Behaving as a unit and working cooperatively in a complex society, the queen ant and her loyal workers have been busy all year cultivating their garden and developing their colony. Watch as they cut and carry the leaves, and march along their foraging trails to tend to their fungus gardens. Kids who love insects will think it’s brilli-ant!

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

When: Year-round
Time: Tuesday–Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm. Closed Mondays Fall & Spring.
Where: 2500 Kossuth Road, Cambridge

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