Experience the magic of Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore with the Eastern Shore Escape Tour – a day trip where your family can experience stunning coastal scenery, a delicious, locally-sourced charcuterie picnic lunch overlooking the ocean, and a soul-nourishing afternoon on a goat farm.

“It’s full of magic and off-the-beaten path adventures,” says Chelsea Hanoun, the entrepreneur behind the tour company, Settled Nomads. “You get a real sense of daily life in Nova Scotia, and a wonderful experience with beaches, natural surroundings, and community.”

Begin at the Halifax Brewery Market

A man offers a customer a sample of jelly or chutney at the Halifax Brewery Market, first stop on the Settled Nomads Tour on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

A vendor offers a sample at the Brewery Market in Halifax Nova Scotia/photo: Shoreline Shooter Productions

The all-inclusive tour, which has garnered rave reviews on Trip Advisor, lasts roughly 5 hours. Your day begins in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia at the famed Alexander Keith’s building – a 200-year-old, granite & ironstone treasure, where a bustling Saturday Farm market attracts farmers and artisans from all over Nova Scotia. This is your chance to indulge in a sweet treat or freshly roasted coffee with your Market Money, included with the tour.

Explore Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore

Next, hop in the van or minibus (your guide will do the driving!) for a scenic journey over one of Halifax Harbour’s iconic twin suspension bridges, and along Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, renowned for its white-sand beaches and protected wilderness areas.

A charcuterie picnic, part of the Eastern Shore Escape Tour from Settled Nomads

A locally-sourced charcuterie picnic overlooking the ocean on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore/photo: Shoreline Shooter Productions

With the salt air on your cheeks, enjoy a delicious locally sourced charcuterie-style picnic on a hill overlooking two beaches: Lawrencetown Beach, a beacon for surfers from all over the world, and Stoney Beach, a mecca for local kite surfers.

Meet the locals: friendly Alpine goats

Finally, the highlight of the tour – especially for children – is Ataraxy Farm, home to horses, donkeys, chickens, a mule – and over 4 dozen goats, including Alpine goats, known for their hilariously friendly temperament (these are the goats that are most likely to jump on your back!), and Toggenburgs, which are excellent dairy producers.

Young woman smiling holding an Alpine goat at Ataraxy Farm on Eastern Shore Escape Tour from Settled Nomads

Goats are the highlight of the Eastern Shore Escape Tour with Settled Nomads/photo: Shoreline Shooter Productions

Ataraxy, which means a “state of serene calmness” is an apt name for the mental health therapy farm established in 2013 to help the owner’s husband with PTSD from his military service in Bosnia. In 2021, the family decided to share the “secret farm” with the public, including Settled Nomads.

Man crouching next to a yellow playhouse, smiling, as an Apline goat jumps on his back at Ataraxy Farm on Eastern Shore Escape Tour from Settled Nomads

Alpine goat antics at Ataraxy Farm on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore/photo: Shoreline Shooter Productions

“When we did our first tour, everyone’s faces lit up when we met up with the goats,” says Hanoun, who thoughtfully includes a small gift from the farm – which produces luscious skin and hair care products – for each Eastern Shore Escape participant.

A family feeds a horse at Ataraxy Farm, part of the Eastern Shore Escape Tour from Settled Nomads

Family Fun at Ataraxy Farm while exploring Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore/photo: Shoreline Shooter Productions

Sustainable tourism…no need to rent a car

The Eastern Shore Escape Tour is a fun way to experience the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, and also a great introduction to Settled Nomads itself: a tourism initiative that operates within global limits, promotes well-being, and supports local communities.

On a very practical note, hopping on a guided tour with Settled Nomads is the perfect way to enjoy a day trip from Halifax, without worrying about having to rent a car.

Book early! In 2022, The Eastern Shore Escape Tour operates only once per month on the following dates: June 18th, July 16th, September 17th, and October 15th. You can also check the Settled Nomads website for links to other tours and experiences in Nova Scotia.

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A woman smiles and holds a toddler on the Eastern Shore Escape Tour from Settled Nomads