This summer, your child can unlock the magic power of knowledge at the Summer Enrichment Courses and Camps at OAKLearning Center, a premier supplementary education service provider for K-12 students in Oakville. Students can stay ahead of their English, Mathematics, French and Robotics studies, all while having a summer to remember!

There’s no reason for students to lose academic knowledge and skills over the summer vacation when they can instead maintain a high academic performance at OAKLearning Center! Studies show that it can take six weeks for students to re-learn old material each school year. However, with help from these Summer Enrichment Courses, they can prevent this learning loss over their summer vacation.

OAKLearning Center — Summer Enrichment Courses

At OAKLearning Center, motivated students can take advantage of their summer studies and get ahead! The courses help to expand the breadth and depth of their learning and prepare them for success in the new school year. In these camps, the participants develop their curiosity towards English, French, Math and Science, build problem-solving skills and creativity, and increase self-confidence and resilience in their future learning journey.


It can not be overstated how important it is for students to have a command of Academic English. Instead of letting your child’s language skills slide this summer, they can improve and enhance their English reading and writing skills.

These courses ensure that students build on their fundamental literacy skills, moving through the stages of reading and writing as they develop to become independent learners. Supported by close reading practices, the students receive step-by-step instruction in various foundational writing activities.

  • English Reading & Writing — Grade 3-4
  • English Reading & Writing — Grade 5-6
  • Introduction to English Essay Writing — Grade 7-8
  • Public Speaking & Presentation — Grade 4-6

English + Math

In the Summer Session of OAKLearning Center’s Advanced Learner’s Club, English and Math combine to boost the academic performance of young learners for the new school year. Kids engage with the personalized learning Math and English platform to improve or enrich concept mastery of these subjects.

These intensive week-long courses bring Math and English language skills together to form a scholastic experience that is both rigorous and fulfilling! Students can join in one weekly summer camp or participate up to six weeks of lessons to gain the full benefits of personalized learning.


“Parlez-vous français?” Once the school year finishes and students don’t have as much opportunity to practise their French language skills, it’s easy to forget what they have learned. Therefore, summer is the best time to help improve!

This beginner level French course introduces students to the basics of French language knowledge, along with supplementing the lessons they have learned in school. Course elements include understanding French sounds, recognizing the use of different accents, practising French in a small group, and building the students’ foundation of French literacy.

  • French Foundations — Grade 1-2
  • French Reading & Speaking — Grade 3-4
  • French Writing & Presentation — Grade 5-6

High School Math — Reach-Ahead Courses

Many students recognize that the academic jump in Math lessons from Middle School to High School can be daunting. Yet, because Math is critically important for University applications, it is advantageous for them to learn ahead Math in summertime.

These course foster the students’ knowledge and skills that Grade 8 students need to succeed in their High School courses. Grade 9 students are also encouraged to participate as it goes over the key points of Grade 9 Math, which prepares them for the higher levels.

  • Grade 9 Math (MPM1D) — Reach Ahead
  • Grade 10 Math (MPM2D) — Reach Ahead
  • Grade 11 Math (MCR3U – Functions) — Reach Ahead

OAKLearning Robotics Camp Square

Robotics & STEM Summer Camps

Kids who love robots can spend their summer learning and exploring at OAKLearning Center’s creative Robotics & STEM summer camps! These exciting camps inspire the students’ curiosity and strengthen their core academic skills. Meanwhile, the program provides robotics-centred summer camps in the spirit of STEM education. Not only can kids stay active with newfound friends, but they also create obstacle courses and race robots, then win awards with their teammates!

This camp program fosters young minds in STEM, innovation and engineering, all in a fun and supportive team environment. The daily team activities are also balanced with science projects and outdoor recreation. Plus, afternoon fruits and snacks are also included, which helps fuel the kids’ bodies and minds.

OAKLearning Center designs their summer camps to inspire kids using innovative programming tools, so your child does not require previous experience in robotics. This camp serves as a mini boot camp for First Lego League challenges, where campers build and program a fully functioning robot! The kids work cooperatively in teams to complete and then showcase their project presentation. Best of all, parents are welcome to join this presentation!

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OAKLearning Center Summer Camps

When: July — August 2024
Where: OAKLearning Center, 483 Dundas St. West #215, Oakville
Phone: (289) 725-7700

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