Our kids are growing up in a digital world, and as parents, we need to learn to navigate it with them. Not all screen time is bad, it can be a great tool in enhancing your child’s development. There are endless options, but here are some of our favourite Kids Educational Websites For Learning At Home:


Virtual Field Trips – Stream virtual field trips all over the world, or even to Mars.

Toronto Public Library – Download ebooks and audiobooks, plus resources for shows and read-along books.

Sesame Street – Catchy little games and music for little ones!

Disney+ – plenty of educational shows to watch, not just movies! Or find some interactive games on the Disney Junior.

Treehouse Website – Do the kids prefer Blaze to Sofia? Then head to the Treehouse website for some more games.

Broadway – Make time for the arts, with this collection of Broadway plays and musicals.

Mammoth Memory – A free website that provides teachers with a resource to help children aged 13 to 16 to remember exam facts utilizing pictures and mnemonics.

Digital Learning Services from Toronto Public Library

Math & Reading

Cool Math Games – for the older kids; lessons and games for pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus.

Starfall – Simple math and language arts activities for the younger grades.

ABCya – has a wide range of games, including math and reading.

Prodigy Math – For grades 1-8, this is one of my kids favourites that they go back to again and again.

Hooda Math – Need more math games? This one is for kindergarten right through to high school.

Magic Treehouse – If your kids love the Magic Treehouse, you’ll want to check this one out!

Consumer Math Games – A great roundup of math learning games relating to money and business. (Thank you to one of our readers for the heads up on this one!)

Epic – A popular digital library full of online books for kids. Sign up for the free trial to test it out, it is a paid monthly subscription after that.

Science & the World

Mystery Science – elementary science lessons that you can do from home.

Virtual Museum Tours – Want to travel the world? You can go on virtual tours of 12 museums!

How Stuff Works – If you have a child into facts, taking things apart, and asking a million questions, they will love this.

National Geographic Kids – Games, quizzes, videos and lots of learning material about a variety of topics.

Canadian Geographic Kids – All the good stuff, but about Canada!

NASA Kids’ Club – For out of this world fascination, head to the NASA Kids’ Club website.

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