Support the Ontario Science Centre by renting and watching a science film at home! Top-selling documentaries are streaming to the comfort of your couch, for a low, low price. For only $1.30, you get access to a full length feature for 72 hours. Plus, a portion of all sales go towards helping the OSC continue their amazing family-friendly programming in the future.

There are currently 8 films available to rent:

  • Dinosaurs Alive!
  • Wild Ocean
  • Dark Universe
  • Wonders of the Arctic
  • Mummies: Secrets of Pharaohs
  • The Last Reef
  • Walking the T. Rex
  • Mysteries of China

Many of these films are available in multiple languages and provide a unique and engaging learning experience. Great for all ages!

Ontario Science Centre Films At Home:

When: Any time
: At Home
: $1.30 CAD per rental