Young People’s Theatre (YPT) presents “Child Nation”, a unique adventure created by the boundary-breaking Australian artist Jessica Wilson. It’s a delightful and inventive online collection of 15 short digital journeys, recommended for ages 7-11.

Using a phone or tablet, kids follow a series of prompts that call for simple responses and actions. Then, their text answers are used to build a customized adventure that feels like being inside their own story. Each game guides kids to physically and imaginatively explore their everyday surroundings in playful new ways.

Games include:

  • I Am Actually a Dog – the player sees the world through an animal’s eyes
  • The Darkness Game - fears turn into characters
  • The Whispering Rooms - secret thoughts inside rooms come to life
  • And 12 others!

YPT Child Nation

When: March 7 – April 17, 2022
Where: Virtual

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