I remember visiting Niagara Falls for the first time as a child of just 7 years old. The incredible display of power and beauty left me in awe. I also remember getting very, very wet! But now it’s possible to experience Niagara Falls through virtual reality and online resources at home. I know, it’s only a small taste of the real thing. But when it’s the only taste you can get, it feels pretty wonderful!

Get planning your next (or first) visit to the majestic falls and check out the incredible resources provided for your entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the live illumination every night with the Niagara Falls Live Web Cam, take a virtual tour by helicopter or boat, learn about important Canadian history, and meet some the incredible animals on site at Niagara Falls.

Experience Niagara Falls From Home:

Website: niagrafallstourism.com