Outside the March Productions presents “No Save Points” by creator/performer Sébastien Heins, a joyous, high-octane, deeply personal adventure story, all experienced at the touch of a button. This “play that you can play” is intimate and innovative (inspired by the real-life story of Heins’ mother being diagnosed with the rare genetic illness Huntington’s Disease), where video games, theatre and memoir collide as Heins places the control(er) in the hands of the audience, entrusting them to pilot his performance using state-of-the-art motion capture and haptic technology.

Recommended age: 12+, due to themes of illness and a limited amount of mature language throughout the performance.

Outside the March: “No Save Points”

When: June 6-15, 2023
Where: Lighthouse Artspace, 1 Yonge St., Toronto
Website: www.lighthouseartspace.com

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