Is your child an aspiring ballet dancer? Then, let them train with the cream of the crop at The School of Cadence Ballet, which develops the future generation of Canadian dance artists with its Fall Programs. Young dancers can study this beautiful craft in a supportive and team-building environment, beginning with their Junior Training Program and moving on to the Preparatory Program.

In these programs, students are introduced to the fundamental skills of dance while falling in love with the art form through their imagination. They can also connect with the dance community and see tangible improvement in their ballet knowledge, both technically and artistically. With ballet training, children also develop their ability to remain focused and engaged while paying attention to detail, which helps them in all areas of learning.

Cadence Ballet Junior

Fall Junior Training Program (Ages 3-7)

For children aged 3-7, The School of Cadence offers an exciting Junior Training Program for kids entering Preschool up to Grade 1 in September of their year of registration. The young dancers receive encouragement through classes involving creative movement, conditioning, ballet, jazz, acro and arts and crafts. Students develop their coordination, musicality, athleticism and grace.

Pre-Dance Division — School Grade: Pre-School
Saturday 9:30-10:00am

At the Pre-Dance beginner level, the main focus is to inspire the children’s love of dance. This class ignites the imagination while developing musicality and spatial awareness. The dancers begin to work on their flexibility and coordination as well as class etiquette, structure and expectations. The skills developed in this class allow them to move easily into the Junior curriculum. Dancers in the Pre-Dance Division can sign up for individual classes, which gives them the flexibility to try dance without needing to commit to a full season.

Class Package Options:
4-Class Pass – $40
8-Class Pass – $75
16-Class Pass – $143

Junior Division — School Grades: JK-Grade 1
Tuesday: 5:15-6:45pm or Saturday: 10:00-11:30am

Junior dancers further their dance education based on lessons in Ballet, Jazz and Acrobatics, Rehearsal Processes, and Arts and Crafts:

Ballet — At this age, lessons focus on igniting the dancer’s imagination and inspiring passion while developing the ideal facility for dance. This class develops not only the athleticism, creativity and etiquette of the dancer but also begins the development of elegance and grace.

Jazz and Acro — This class is an upbeat fun class that children always look forward to! It develops a heightened level of athleticism and coordination, focusing on jumping, turning, power and strength. Jazz & Acro fast-tracks their skill set allowing them to master the skills required for further classes.

Rehearsal Process — This class focuses on becoming a team player. Children understand the importance of their individual role in the larger picture, including special awareness, adapting to different locations and environments, remembering choreography and learning how to perform in a professional theatre.

Arts and Crafts — Create a full day by pairing a dance class with a fun Arts and Crafts class, an important way to help child development in ages 3-8. These weekly Arts and Crafts Classes also develop kids’ motor skills, math concepts, creativity and self-esteem.

Class Package Options:
Dancers in the Junior Division have the opportunity to sign up on a per-term basis:
Term One: $393 +HST
Term Two: Price: $618 +HST

Cadence Ballet Huddle

Preparatory Division (Ages 7-10)

The Preparatory Division is a specialized three-year program developed to prepare children entering Grades 2-4 for further study in dance at an elite level. The focus is to lay the groundwork for the body to enter the rigour of professional training through specific conditioning and alignment work. Students not only prepare physically but also receive the tools for self-discipline and mental focus. The weekly schedule increases each year to gradually prepare the dancers for full-time study.

Students participating in shows, exams or competitions must attend a minimum of two days per week.

Preparatory I
1 day per week: Full Season Tuition $817 +HST
Tuesday 5:15-6:45pm or Saturday 10-11:30am

2 days per week: Full Season Tuition $1,560 +HST
Tuesday 5:15-6:45pm, Thursday 5:15-6:45pm or Saturday 10:00-11:30am

3 days per week: Full Season Tuition $2,228 +HST
Tuesday 5:15-6:45pm, Thursday 5:15-6:45pm, Saturday 10:00-11:30am

Preparatory II
2 days per week: Full Season Tuition $2,339 +HST
Tuesday 5:15-7:30pm, Thursday 5:15-7:30pm or Saturday 10:00-12:15p

3 days per week: Full Season Tuition $3,342 +HST
Tuesday 5:15-7:30pm, Thursday 5:15-7:30pm, Saturday 10:00-12:15pm

Preparatory III
2 days per week: Full Season Tuition $3,120 +HST
Tuesday4:30-7:30pm, Thursday 4:30-7:30pm or Saturday 10:00-1:30pm

3 days per week: Full Season Tuition $4,456 +HST
Tuesday 4:30-7:30pm, Wednesday 4:30-7:30pm, Thursday 4:30-7:30pm or Saturday 10:00-1:30pm

4 days per week: Full Season Tuition $5,644 +HST
Tuesday 4:30-7:30pm, Wednesday 4:30-7:30pm, Thursday 4:30-7:30pm, Saturday 10:00-1:30pm

Cadence Ballet 3

The School of Cadence Ballet Fall Programs

When: September-December 2023
Where: 19 Waterman Ave., Unit 4, Toronto

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