This Fall, kids can learn physicality, resilience and mindfulness while still having fun with Toronto Kyokushin Karate and Kickboxing, rated as one of the top 10 Karate classes in Toronto! They teach the traditional martial art of Karate as well as sports conditioning, self-defence, anti-bullying and other life skills. The experience is about more than just martial arts, but also personal development, including self-awareness and discipline. Plus, participants can socialize with peers and play with new friends in a flexible and supportive environment.

Not only does Toronto Kyokushin Karate offer ongoing lessons with sessions held all year long, but they also hold camps during all school breaks. In addition, they even hold before-and-after school programs, which are ideal for active kids with busy families!

Kids Karate

Karate teaches children both fundamental life skills and physical development such as strength, coordination, flexibility and increased motor skills. Through these traits, students see improvements in school and in all aspects of their daily lives.

If your kids have been wanting to learn karate and have fun with new friends, Toronto Kyokushin Karate has three-month memberships in their beginner classes, which provide an excellent opportunity for them to get started in this popular sport. In them, kids stay active and also develop their self-esteem while learning about respect, focus, concentration, and perseverance throughout the year.

​Little Jaguars (4-6 years)
Start your little ones on the right path with the Little Jaguars class! Meant for developing youngsters with shorter attention spans  and motor skills, classes focus on proper behaviour, effort, respect and listening skills. Along with Karate basics, children learn important life skills and build confidence.

Young Lions (7-12 years)
As kids grow into Young Lions with advanced motor skills and concentration, they start to master Karate’s more complex movements and further aspects of sports training. Classes become more intense and physical, including sparring and learning to control their movements and actions.

Advanced Class (7th Kyu and Higher)
As the students develop their discipline, strength, coordination and self-confidence, they can explore more aspects of this martial art as well as anti-bullying techniques.

Teens Karate (13-17 years)
Teenagers with previous can train in the adult program, following the traditional Kyokushinkai Karate methodology. Lessons focus on  Kihon (basics), Kata (coordinated sequence of movements) and Kumite (sparring). Throughout the classes, training continues in the values of self-respect, discipline and equality. Not only do participants learn advanced martial arts and self-defence skills, but they get in a demanding workout too!

Before/After School Program (JK to Grade 6)

Kids can have an action-packed school day with the Before/After School Program at Toronto Kyokushin Karate! As an exciting alternative to traditional daycare, the daily schedule allows children to maximize their time before and after the school day, complete with moderate exercise and after-school Karate training. By learning self-defence, confidence and respect, they develop life skills to become community leaders. Not only that, but this program offers morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up from local elementary schools in the East End!​

Even better, families can join the Active Mornings and After School Karate programs separately or jointly. You can just do mornings or afternoons, or enroll your child in both groups so they progress in their karate development faster due to increased class attendance. 

Before School “Active Mornings” Program
Active Mornings runs daily from 7:30am, beginning with a 30-minute moderate fitness class to start their day, including yoga, martial arts, stretching and active games. These exercises and activities optimize their focus, energy and awareness in preparation for the upcoming school day. Then, the kids are walked to their local school in time for morning arrival.

​​After School Karate with Sports Fitness Training
Running throughout the school year, these daily Karate classes include pick-up from local schools. Upon arrival, the children have snack time, free play and/or homework time. Kids also participate in a one-hour karate class and further activities until 6:00pm.

​Toronto Kyokushin Karate Fall Lessons

When: September-December 2023
Where: 203 Kingston Road, Toronto
Phone: 416-465-5777

Learn more about Fall Lessons in Toronto here!