The Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC) is back for another amazing summer of spectacular circus fun! This year, they are setting up their Magnificent Big Top in Ontario throughout the summer months — from the end of the school year in June all the way until Labour Day Monday. The circus tours from one corner of the Greater Toronto Area to the other for 97 awe-inspiring shows in six locations.

There’s no need to trek all the way downtown to catch a big, exciting show! The Royal Canadian International Circus sets up their tents at convenient mall locations in Etobicoke, Pickering, Scarborough, Thornhill/Vaughan (a new location this year!), Mississauga and Burlington.

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Royal Canadian Circus (Family Fun Toronto)

Families Have Fun “Under the Magnificent Big Top”

The Royal Canadian International Circus is an inclusive family experience! There are thrills, chills and excitement for every member of the family. From babes in arms to grandparents, you’ll see every type of family having a great time together. At the show, there is plenty of festive circus food to get you in the mood for fun, such as sno-cones, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, candy apples and much more! Plus, they have plenty of toys and souvenirs to remind you of your family outing.

As always, this circus mesmerizes, astounds and captivates audience members of all ages in an all-new show that is jam-packed with explosive live entertainment. The international acts of the Royal Canadian International Circus feature high-flying acrobatics, death-defying tricks, towering feats of strength and devilishly precarious aerials. Even better, all the thrilling acts are performed by incredibly talented human beings and the show contains no exotic or endangered animals.

See Wild Death-Defying Tricks, Mesmerizing Acrobatics and Spellbinding Dance!

Get ready to sit on the edge of your seats in amazement! The Royal Canadian International Circus show is chock-full of exciting acts, with so much variety that it covers the entire spectrum of circus performances.

Furthermore, as Canada is multicultural, so is the Royal Canadian International Circus. The acts come from countries around the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, and even Taiwan! This elite troop of performers is made up of multiple circus families who share their talent under the motto “families perform for families”.

Royal Canadian Circus (Family Fun Toronto)

This thrilling show includes:

  • Joseph Dominik Bauer, Wheel of Destiny — RCIC’s ringmaster and resident daredevil makes the audience shriek with both delight and surprise when he performs astonishing aerial tricks on the Wheel of Destiny… inside, outside, juggling, blindfolded, and all without a safety net!
  • Claudia Alvarado Bauer, Aerials — Witness the grace, beauty and daring maneuvers of this sensational aerialist performing on the silks, whose family has been in the circus business for five generations.
  • Fernandez Globe of Death — Four fabulous extreme motorcyclists zoom around in a steel cage at 80 miles per hour! These performers have wowed audiences worldwide as they execute their dangerous maneuvers.
  • Guerrero’s High Wire Troupe — This high wire act executes unbelievable acrobatics 25 feet in the air. You will be blown away by their precision as they meticulously perform tricks that very few would ever attempt.
  • Leo Garcia, Human Cannonball — RCIC even has a real “human cannonball” in Leo Garcia, who uses complicated physics and sheer bravery to wow the crowd at every show.
  • Pacusito Videla, Comedy and Unicycle — Pacusito performs on various unicycles with precision and skill, 20 feet in the air! Along with his sister Lucita, this family gets the audience going with laughter.
  • Chu Chuan-Ho, Tempo Diablo — In Chu’s mind-boggling act, he manipulates a pair of sticks, string and juggling diabolos at crazy speeds.
  • Zeman Duo, Rollerskating & Quick Change — As seen on “America’s Got Talent”, Karoly and Ana Zeman are a beautiful couple who perform daring stunts, combining artistry and sport.
  • The Bollywood Aerialists — Led by Claudia Bauer, the beautiful Bollywood Ladies of the Air glide effortlessly through the air, high above the circus ring.
  • TZ Troupe, Canadian Dance Tribute — The TZ Troupe opens the show with a Canadian Tribute production displaying beauty and talent with its dance, choreography, and incredible costumes.

Royal Canadian Circus (Family Fun Toronto)

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Royal Canadian International Circus 2024 Ontario Schedule:

When: June 27 – July 1, 2024
Where: Woodbine Mall & Fantasy Fair, 500 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke

When: July 4-14, 2024
Where: Pickering Town Shopping Centre, 1355 Kingston Road, Pickering

When: July 18-28, 2024
Where: Bridlewood Mall, 2900 Warden Avenue, Scarborough

Thornhill/Vaughan — NEW LOCATION!
When: August 1-5, 2024
Where: Promenade Shopping Centre, 1 Promenade Circle, Thornhill

When: August 9-18, 2024
Where: Dixie Outlet Mall, 1250 South Service Road, Mississauga

When: August 22 – September 2, 2024
Where: Burlington Centre, 777 Guelph Line, Burlington

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