The Royal Canadian International Circus returns with its spectacular family show and an exhilarating experience your family will never forget. This year, they are setting up their Magnificent Big Top in Ontario throughout the summer months for 82 awe-inspiring shows in six locations spanning from one corner of the Greater Toronto Area to the other.

Something about that big striped tent excites kids and adults alike! To catch big shows, you usually have to trek downtown. Instead, Royal Canadian International Circus sets up their tents at convenient mall locations in neighbourhoods around the GTA. Along with encore presentations in Etobicoke, Scarborough, Mississauga and Burlington, the tour now includes Brampton and Pickering.

“Under the Magnificent Big Top”

As always, this circus mesmerizes, astounds and captivates audience members of all ages. So, get ready to sit on the edge of your seats in amazement! The show is chock-full of exciting acts, with so much variety that it covers the entire spectrum of circus performances. Not only that but the full experience and atmosphere are welcoming and fun.

“Under the Magnificent Big Top” is an all-new show jam-packed with explosive live entertainment. For instance, there are high-flying acrobatics, death-defying tricks, towering feats of strength and devilishly precarious aerials.

It is also important to note that the show contains no exotic or endangered animals. Instead, all the thrilling acts are performed by incredibly talented human beings! The elite troop of performers is made from multiple circus families who share their talent under the motto “families perform for families”. Their acts arrive from countries around the world, including Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and the United States.

An International Array of Talented Acts

The Royal Canadian International Circus is jam-packed with explosive live entertainment featuring acts that will mesmerize, amaze and astound you! The cast is made up of circus families from all over the world that go back ten generations.

This thrill show includes:

  • Daredevil extraordinaire Joseph Dominik Bauer on the Wheel of Destiny
  • The African Bone Breakers Contortionists from “America’s Got Talent”, who are “so good, they are painful to watch”
  • Globe of Death extreme motorcyclists zooming around in a Steel Cage at 80 miles per hour
  • The grace, beauty and daring maneuvers of sensational aerialist Claudia Alvarado Bauer
  • Award-winning juggler Nilson Escobar with a fast and furious journey of flying objects
  • The Dominguez Duo Crossbow Thrill Act performing feats of bravery, trust, precision and skill
  • Guerrero High Wire Troupe executing unbelievable acrobatic maneuvers 25 feet in the air
  • Trapeze Artists, including Maria Emilia Chemeno, gliding through the air with grace and athleticism
  • The TZ Ladies of the Air, flowing effortlessly through the air, high above the circus ring.
  • … and more!

Ringmaster Joseph Dominik Bauer

Ringmaster and resident daredevil Joseph Dominik Bauer makes the audience shriek with both delight and surprise when he performs on the Wheel of Destiny… inside, outside, juggling and even blindfolded!

Born to Swiss parents, Joseph Dominik Bauer comes from a ninth-generation pedigree of circus performers and has accrued an astonishing list of accomplishments in the world of the circus and aerial thrills. His numerous daredevil feats cover over 40 years, including performances on the 50-Foot Wheel of Destiny, High Wire, Stunts, Skywalks, Sway Poles, and the Incline Motorcycles.

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Royal Canadian Family Circus 2023 Ontario Schedule:

When: June 29-July 2, 2023
Where: Woodbine Mall & Fantasy Fair, 500 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke

Brampton – NEW LOCATION!
When: July 6-9, 2023
Where: Shoppers World Brampton, 499 Main Street South, Brampton

Pickering – NEW LOCATION!
When: July 13-16, 2023
Where: Pickering Town Shopping Centre, 1355 Kingston Road, Pickering

When: July 20-30, 2023
Where: Bridlewood Mall, 2900 Warden Avenue, Scarborough

When: August 3-20, 2023
Where: Dixie Outlet Mall, 1250 South Service Road, Mississauga

When: August 24-27, 2023
Where: Burlington Centre, 777 Guelph Line, Burlington

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