Canada’s premier canoe-tripping camp, Camp Wanapitei introduces young campers to the beauty and serenity of the Temagami region in Northern Ontario. The Camp Wanapitei experience is an investment in your child’s life, where the highly skilled staff promotes self-reliance, cooperation and personal growth through community living.

It’s never too early to spark a love of the outdoors! At this all-gender camp, kids can start participating in canoe-tripping activities in the age group of 7-9 years with immersive programs that focus on skill development, environmental sensitivity and community. Located on 42 acres of forest on the north shore of Lake Temagami, young people come from around the world to find adventure in this majestic northern landscape. The camping life at Camp Wanapitei promotes self-reliance and personal growth in a screen-free environment. This way, the kids can unplug, immerse themselves in physical activity, commune with nature and connect with their peers.

Enjoy Life at Camp Wanapitei

Thanks to their exceptional staff, Camp Wanapitei is a leader in providing formative experiences for young people. Their canoe trip leaders are passionate about working with the campers, teaching them the necessary skills to become leaders in life, while also maintaining with a commitment to safety and environmental sensitivity. Furthermore, the camp exceeds the minimum one-to-six camper-staff ratio set by the Ontario Camps Association, and all trip leaders have a minimum training in Standard First Aid, CPR, and Bronze Cross. 

Camp Wanapitei Dock

Discover the Programs at Camp Wanapitei!

Introduce your child to canoe tripping with Camp Wanapitei, who has been leading wilderness canoe trips on Lake Temagami and across Canada for over 80 years! Their programs are ideal for experienced campers but also for kids just starting out on their outdoor adventure. In fact, in the programs for younger campers, no previous outdoor or canoe-tripping experience is required. However, participants must be able to swim and be comfortable in and on the water.

TrailblazersCamp Wanapitei Trailblazers (Ages 7-9)

The Camp Wanapitei journey begins for 7-9-year-olds with the Trailblazers programs, where sessions are developed around built around a three or four-day canoe trip on Ferguson Bay. This one-week or two-week program helps young children become comfortable in the wilderness while also focusing on skill development through fun. Throughout the trip, the campers spend their time learning the basics of outdoor life: paddling, hiking, camping, swimming, singing songs, and playing with friends. Later in the week, the Trailblazers head out on a three-day canoe trip with their skilled leaders and further develop their wilderness skills. On this special voyage, they learn how to properly set up a camp site, portage, then celebrate by roasting some marshmallows!

Dates and Fees

  • July 12-18, 2024: $1,215.00
  • July 19-25, 2024: $1,215.00
  • July 12-25, 2024: $2,430.00
  • July 28-August 3, 2024: $1,215.00
  • August 4-10, 2024: $1,215.00
  • July 28-August 10, 2024: $2,430.00

TemagamiCamp Wanapitei Temagami (Ages 10-11)

For older kids aged 10-11, the Temagami program runs in two-week sessions built around a six-day canoe trip in the spectacular Temagami area. First, the program begins at the base camp living in cabins for a few days. Then, they get to do fun outdoor activities, including swimming, archery and paddle-boarding, along with arts and crafts. Finally, the camp group heads out to experience the rare beauty of the traditional lands of the Teme-Augama Anishnabai and Temagami First Nation during their six or seven-night canoe trip. Travelling through wide-open lakes, forested portage trails, and rocky campsites, the group members challenge themselves and try new things. The experienced and capable leaders help the campers throughout, while also making sure that there is plenty of time for fun.

Dates and Fees

  • June 28-July 10, 2024: $2,855.00
  • July 12-25, 2024: $3,055.00
  • July 28-August 10, 2024: $3,055.00
  • August 12-25, 2024: $3,055.00

Way FindersCamp Wanapitei Way Finders (Ages 12-13)

Once the young campers become teens, they can challenge themselves in the Way Finders group, with two- or four-week sessions built around an eight or 16-day canoe trip in the Temagami area. On the 8-day canoe trip, they travel through the lakes and rivers of Daki Menan, often stopping at incredible landmarks like Maple Mountain or Lady Evelyn South Channel waterfalls. What’s more, the four-week program features a training session at base camp and then a 16-day canoe trip that travels all the way to Georgian Bay!

Dates and Fees

  • June 28-July 10, 2024: $2,855.00
  • July 12-25, 2024: $3,055.00
  • June 28-July 25, 2024: $5,605.00
  • July 28-August 10, 2024: $3,055.00
  • August 12-25, 2024: $3,055.00
  • July 28-August 25, 2024: $5,655.00

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Camp Wanapitei Waterfall

Camp Wanapitei

When: Various Programs from June 28 – August 25, 2024
Phone: (705) 745-8314
Where: Camp Wanapitei, 2841 Red Squirrel Road, Temagami

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