Located on the shores of Georgian Bay near Midland, Camp Simpresca is a summer camp that creates lasting memories for boys and girls aged 6-16. On a beautifully treed property with a large private sandy beach, this United Church camp has been operating since 1949 and is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2024! Camp Simpresca creates an inclusive community that extends a warm welcome to all campers where everyone stays in comfortable rustic cabins close to nature.

This summer camp shares the joys of camping with its participants and promotes friendship, fun, camping skills and self-awareness. All members of the Simpresca community are encouraged to challenge themselves physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially.

Camp Simpresca — Information

Camp Simpresca contains 12 rustic cabins on its grounds, ranging in size and accommodating just 8-12 campers. The campers sleep on bunk beds with camping mattresses, and each cabin includes electricity, screen windows and wood shutters. Furthermore, the camp has one stand-alone washroom building accessible to all campers. All camp staff have safety training, including first aid and CPR. Plus, the camp equipment includes an AED device and there is always a First-Aider on-site.

In the cabins, Camp Simpresca’s helpful counsellors and program staff members sleep in the cabins with the young campers. In fact, in every cabin, at least two staff members are present to help with the cabin duties whenever they are not running their assigned daily program. Not only that, but the cabin counsellors accompany the campers to all programs so they are well supported. Camp Simpresca takes staff training seriously, with all counsellors participating in a week-long training program before the campers arrive to ensure that their skills are up-to-date. This training covers all aspects of camper safety and security, and all camp staff members also go through a thorough interview process and vulnerable sector check.

For campers, the cabin placements are assigned by age and gender. Throughout their time at camp, the cabin placements rotate through programs with those of similar ages and opposite genders so the campers get to know all the other participants. When registering, families can specify if their child would like to be housed with a friend. Please note, however, that it may not be possible to place them in the same cabin, particularly if there is a sizeable age gap.

Camp Simpresca Canoe

Camp Simpresca — Programs

Mini Camp

To begin the young campers’ journey at Camp Simpresca, this four-day, three-night camp introduces beginners aged 6-10 to the many joys of camping. The mini-camp keeps a small number of campers, with only 45-55 participants, so everyone gets to know each other well. The staff members take good care of the younger kids, maintaining a minimum of a 1:8 staff-to-camper ratio and accompanying them at all times.

The programming includes many classic camping activities, such as storytelling, sing-songs, crafts, swimming and campfires!

Regular Camp

For older children, ages 8-16, this seven-day, six-night camp gives participants the classic camping experience. This includes a daily rotation of activities and evening programs, plus three hearty meals a day to keep all the campers engaged and active. Typically, a week-long camp includes 60-80 participants so the campers make lots of new friends!

Leadership Camps

Camp Simpresca offers two leadership programs: Leadership in Training (LIT) and Counsellor in Training (CIT).

The LIT program is a three-week-long program for those aged 15. The training program includes a week-long backcountry camping trip and focuses on developing the participants’ skills so they can become effective and conscientious campers, such as canoeing, swimming, fire and shelter building, and trip planning.

The next year, for campers turning 16, the CIT program is a six-week long program that focuses primarily on those extra “soft” skills they need to become a quality summer camp counsellor. These include forming friendships, leading a group of children, planning activities, and dealing with conflict. Plus, this training program includes a week-long backcountry camping trip as well.

Register your child for the adventure of a lifetime at Camp Simpresca here!

Camp Simpresca

When: July 3-August 24, 2024
Where: Camp Simpresca, 51 Simpresca Road, Midland
Website: www.simpresca.camp

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