Kids and teens can embrace the season’s beauty and document the autumnal foliage with the help of Camp Canon Fall Online Classes! Your child’s photography and video skills can be taken to the next level as part of their youth photography programs for kids and teens. These online classes provide lasting memories while fostering students’ creativity and self-esteem, and learning a joyful and lifelong hobby. Meanwhile, students engage in photo challenges, partake in various classes and meet new friends along the way.

Kids learn from seasoned content creators, access small class sizes, and develop the foundational skills to capture memorable moments. Photo Foundations is great for beginners and Beyond the Basics builds on foundational photography concepts. Teens can discover new possibilities and become YouTubers thanks to their Video Production course, making memories that last.

The Camp Canon Experience

Camp Canon strives to create a nurturing, safe and enjoyable experience for attendees. As such, all of the selected instructors are experienced in working with youth and developing close-knit groups. Group sizes stay small, with a maximum of only 10 students, which allows the classes’ expert instructors to provide personalized attention and feedback so your child can truly get the most out of Camp Canon. As a result, each child feels more comfortable while also receiving a more thorough knowledge of the photographic techniques.

Each session is of 60-minute duration and is run live on Zoom where the budding photographers receive inspiration and one-on-one feedback, and to share tips and tricks with their classmates. Then, they complete an associated 1-2 hour photo assignment consisting of portraits, nature photos and more.

Plus, these online classes allow for social distancing, which is still a concern for many families. Zoom sessions take place in the comfort of home and all photo challenges can be completed at home or in your backyard. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for attendees to go to a local park with supervision or permission.

Available Classes:

Photo Foundations — Ages 8-12 and Ages 13-16

Perfect for beginners! In Photo Foundations, campers learn about basic photographic techniques and concepts. Participants learn about composition, portraiture, depth of field, and manual settings, as well as freezing movement, taking portraits of loved ones, and nature photography. The class is intended to be easy and fun, and only as technical as attendees wish it to be.

Beyond The Basics — Ages 8-12 and Ages 13-16

Beyond the Basics builds on foundational photography concepts for creative youths and teens who have a good handle on the photography basics. This course expands their skills by learning lighting, composition techniques, and much more.

Intro to Video & Youtube – Ages 8-12 and Ages 13-16

The Intro to Video Production courses is for students looking to learn the fundamentals of video. They learn the skills to build their own high-quality production set-up with minimal effort. Student then also able to produce, edit and publish their first video on their own YouTube channel!

Sign up for Camp Canon Fall Classes today and join virtual classes to learn the skills for becoming a pro in photography and video. Sign up for their early bird offer right now!

Camp Canon Fall Classes

When: Weekly sessions from October 3— December 8, 2022
Where: Virtually through Zoom sessions

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