This summer, kids can have fun on land and in water with Pedalheads Summer Camps! Since 1995, Pedalheads has been North America’s leader in teaching kids how to ride bikes, but they also teach swimming at the same high standard. Your kids can make a splash this summer at three locations in Toronto pools, and there’s even an option to combine the two activities, all in one summer camp experience!

Pedalheads helps kids gain confidence on their bikes in various locations across the Greater Toronto Area. These camps are exceptionally popular with families due to their proven teaching methods. Pedalheads provides a fun and safe cycling program with specialized equipment and highly-trained instructors. Additionally, Pedalheads Summer Camps also provide these same motivational techniques, along with top-notch instruction, and apply it to watery fun!

The mission at Pedalheads is to help kids gain self-confidence through activities such as summer bike camps, trail riding camps, and swim classes at their various Ontario locations. Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your child’s confidence and have a fun and enriching summer camp experience with Pedalheads!

Pedalheads Summer Camps Trail

Pedalheads Bike (Ages 2-12)

Many of a child’s best childhood memories involve riding a bike, giving them a source of pride, freedom and independence! Certainly, their comfort level with bike riding depends on how comfortably they learn how to ride. Therefore, they must learn from the best! The instructors at Pedalheads know how to help build their confidence and tackle these important life challenges. So Pedalheads Summer Camps are the perfect solution to teach kids these life skills while staying active!

There’s nothing like being outdoors during the hot summer months and providing our kids with fun activities to do during the summer that will stay with them for years and help them grow physically and mentally. Thanks to the fun group setting with lessons taught by incredible instructors, Pedalheads helps young riders move from training wheels to fearless independence. With maximum riding comes maximum progress!

With a firm focus on both fun and safety, the Pedalheads instructors use specialized equipment so they can tailor the cycling lessons to the campers’ particular needs. They have a bike class for all kids at all skill levels, and camp sizes are kept small to ensure all participants get personal attention.

Bike Levels

Pedalheads summer camps are an excellent way to build children’s confidence and develop their enjoyment of outdoor activities. Their bike classes teach kids throughout their development gradually and safely, building their skills and confidence. To find the right camp for them, families should assess their child’s skills ahead of time by checking the requirements for each bike level.

Ages 1-3:

  • Riding Rookies (Ages 1-2) — Parent and Tot (Available in select locations only)
  • Balance Bikers (Ages 2-3)
  • Trikes ‘N’ Trainers (Ages 2-3)

Ages 4 and Up:

  • Level 1 — Newbees
  • Level 2 — Advanced Newbees
  • Level 3 — Pedalheads

Ages 6 and Up:

  • Level 4 — Advanced Pedalheads
  • Level 5 — Gearheads
  • Level 6 — Treadheads

Pedalheads Trail (Ages 4-10)

For kids looking for an exciting summer adventure, Pedalheads Trail satisfies those wild cravings! It gets kids riding confidently without training wheels, beautifully mixing outdoor adventure with discovering the thrill of trail.

Riders can develop their trail riding skills and move beyond Pedalheads Bike Level 3. In these lessons, the riders explore local bike trails in their community and learn how to ride on different surfaces and handle steep hills. As the campers progress, they move on to tougher trails and also learn related bike safety and maintenance skills.

Pedalheads Trail camps have three different levels:

  • Intro to Trail (Ages 4-6) — Must ride two-wheeler bike
  • Bike Control (Ages 7-10) — Rides gear bike confidently
  • Obstacles (Ages 7-10) — Small technical features

Pedalheads Summer Camps Swim

Pedalheads Swim (Ages 4 months – 12 years)

Beyond biking, the other sport we most associate with summer is swimming! Not only is swimming a source of great physical exercise and an exciting leisure activity, but teaching growing children to swim is also a major safety consideration. Pedalheads helps kids gain confidence in the water with exceptional swim lessons, customized teaching methods and specialized equipment. They have been a trusted name in kids’ instructional programs for over 35 years, which naturally gives parents peace of mind, so get your kids swimming this summer!

Swimming should be both comfortable and fun, so Pedalheads programs incorporate interactive games to keep kids engaged and excited to learn. Families love Pedalheads’ swim lessons because they provide enriching classes with small class sizes and specialized swim methods, helping kids build their confidence and ability in the water. Plus, the high-energy instructors have a hands-on approach while also considering the needs of each child. They work directly with the kids in the pool in order to demonstrate the techniques and provide immediate feedback, which leads to the students’ improvement and long-term success.

Pedalheads Swim Levels

Pedalheads helps kids develop their swim skills confidently, whether they’re just beginning or have previous swimming experience. From parent-and-tot lessons to preschool and school-aged levels, there is a class for every swimming ability! These swim lessons follow  a progression of levels that include age-appropriate toys, tools and tactics.

Parent and Tot (Ages 4-36 months) 

  • Jellyfish (4-12 months)
  • Goldfish (12-24 months)
  • Seahorse (2-3 years)
  • Seahorse+ Transition No Parent (Ages 2-3)

Preschool (Ages 3-5)

  • Octopus
  • Crab
  • Orca
  • Sea Lion
  • Narwhal

School Aged (Ages 5-12)

  • Swimmer 1
  • Swimmer 2
  • Swimmer 3
  • Swimmer 4
  • Swimmer 5
  • Swimmer 6

Swim Patrol (Ages 8+)

  • Swimmer 7
  • Swimmer 8
  • Swimmer 9

Private Lessons or Semi-Private (Ages 3+)

  • Preschool levels – Swimmer 3
  • Swimmer 4 – Swimmer 6

Register Today!

This summer, help your kids stay active and with Pedalheads Summer Camps. Whether they want to dive into fun at the pool or get outside on their bike, Pedalheads will keep them busy and learning new skills all summer!

Registration for Pedalheads Summer Camps is now open, so don’t miss out! Check out the Pedalheads website to find all of the site-specific information, including locations across Southern Ontario. Or, you can also call 1-888-886-6464 get assistance with the registration process. Finally, be sure to follow Pedalheads on FacebookInstagram and YouTube to keep up with program updates and current news.

Register for Summer camps today! Camps run weekly in locations across the GTA starting June 10 until August 26, 2024.

Pedalheads Summer Camps

Dates: Summer bike camps held weekly from June-August; Swim and Bike/Swim Combo Once-per-week from May-August
Where: Over 40 locations throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario. See details on the location page.
: 1-888-886-6464

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