Canada’s premier action sports camp, Evolve Camps City Bike Trail Summer Camp helps kids discover Toronto’s many exciting bike trails with weeklong sessions, including organized games, swimming and park visits. Even better, when you use the Discount Code FAMILYFUN, you can also save $25 on any camp session!

Campers at Evolve Camps spend action-packed days exploring the parks and trails around Toronto by bike, frequently taking breaks in our city’s parks, fields and hidden gems to have fun! Every day is a new adventure, and the kids get to know the city in a different way. The campers ride and play in small groups with a low camper-to-instructor ratio, so all campers are important members of the bike pack.

Evolve Camps Makes Biking in the City of Toronto Fun!

Are your kids looking to take their cycling skills to the next level? Whether they’re into piloting trails, shredding down hills or boosting airs, Evolve has it covered! These camps help build their fundamental and technical skills, building a solid foundation for all cycling activities.

The trusted process of Evolve Camps is based on their experienced staff, who are all bikers with years of practice. These trained instructors work with kids throughout the year, always encouraging them through proven teaching methods that make them feel both secure and excited to ride. With small class sizes, the lessons create a memorable learning experience for each child.

Not only does Evolve Camps provide a safe space for kids to learn new action sports, but they also offer kids a place to encourage one another. They believe in the importance of physical fitness and vitality as much as any traditional sports program… they just find cooler ways to stay active! So, who’s ready to spend the summer riding the trails with new friends?

Evolve Camps City Bike Trail Summer

Evolve Camps’ Toronto City Trail Biking Summer Camp (Ages 7-12)

Evolve Camps’ Toronto City Trail Biking Summer Camp is an unforgettable journey through our natural playground, where every twist and turn delivers new thrills and discoveries! Held in both the west side of Toronto in High Park, and the east side in the Beaches area, these programs ensure that all campers have a unique adventure while challenging their skills in a new environment each day.

This trail riding summer camp provides a special blend of enthusiasm and exploration for all bikers, whether they are seasoned pros or starting out in trail biking. The expert instructors guide the groups through the city’s bike paths and marked trails, all while teaching them the essential cycling techniques and instilling a love for outdoor adventure.

Evolve Camps City Trail Biking Camp offers kids an exciting and engaging biking experience, unlike any other day camp in the city. This extensive training program will help your kids become confident while biking in any type of terrain.

What To Bring

  • Appropriately-sized bike with gears
  • Well-fitted, CPSC-certified helmet
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Bike lock

Fees: $395.00 + Ontario Tax (HST) 13%, per weekly session

Discount Code: Don’t forget to enter the discount code FAMILYFUN to save $25 on any camp session!

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Evolve Camps Summer Bike Camp 3

Evolve Camps City Bike Trail Summer Camp

When: Weekly sessions from July 8-12 to July 29-August 2, 2024
Where: Two locations in Toronto:
Beaches — Field behind the Balmy Beach Club. 360 Lake Front, Toronto
High Park — High Park Picnic Site #23, High Park Blvd., Toronto

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