Soccer stars can shine at Armour Heights Soccer Club Summer Camp! Experienced players looking for a new exciting challenge this summer can gain new skills and learn from professional coaches to further develop their game. This competitive camp is for kids participating at an academy/competitive/select level or in a competitive stream.

Armour Heights Soccer Club is a full-service football club dedicated to helping young people throughout their formative years to the highest level possible and to become completely developed players. Taking place in July and August at 148 Wilson Avenue soccer fields in North York, Armour Heights Soccer Club’s coaches Edward Nagy, Benjamin Asante and Michael Borowski run this full-day camp. Together, these mentors advance the players’ knowledge and technique while developing all aspects of the campers’ game.

This summer camp is specially developed for players dedicated to the game through a competitive stream of play. Therefore, the lessons concentrate on technical drills, along with plenty of games throughout the day. During the daily sessions, the group also takes breaks for snacks and lunch, and to watch instructional videos to aid in their training and development.

Armour Heights Soccer Club Summer Camp is taught by certified coaches to promote the game proactively. In addition, this intensive program can offer a higher level of instruction than entry-level lessons. All in all, this full-day camp is a great opportunity for elite young athletes to participate in one of the city’s best intensive soccer training programs while remaining affordable!

Armour Heights Summer Camp

Armour Heights Soccer Club Summer Camp is the Club That Cares!

The Armour Heights Soccer Academy Summer Camp emphasizes total player development and provides quality coaching for its participants. Through education and sport, they provide a fun and positive soccer experience for all children to help them reach their highest potential.

Their philosophy involves placing high-level coaches with the youngest players to fundamentally develop their technique early in the child’s playing journey. This competitive stream identifies kids in the house league programs and then works with them to transition through soccer’s developmental steps. Without mass tryouts, these mentors instead pick the players at a young level who have the determination to learn. Through hard work and the love of the “beautiful game”, the coaches guide them to become complete players!

What to Bring

  • Athletic clothing
  • Proper soccer shoes
  • Shin guards
  • Nut-free lunch
  • Refillable water bottle

Armour Heights Summer Camp 3

Armour Heights Soccer Club Summer Camp

When: July 2 — August 16, 2024
Time: Monday-Friday 9:45am-3:00pm
Where: Armour Heights, 148 Wilson Avenue, North York
Phone: 416-492-2422

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