Going out to cool events is all good and fun, but let’s not forget the basics of family connection and the importance of fun within the home as well. Whether the weather is difficult, or there’s a virus going around (I’m talking to you COVID-19), or you just need a break from the hustle of life . . . staying home can be necessary, but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

We live in a day and age where resources and inspiration are at our fingertips, which makes getting creative easier than ever. Browse Pinterest for craft and activity ideas. Research recipe sites for delicious, healing food to make with your families. Listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or dance to your favourite music. Order your groceries online, binge on some Disney+, cuddle up under a blanket fort and make some memories!

Here are some resources to get the wheels turning for a weekend of simple fun at home!
(Try not to get lost down the rabbit hole of Pinterest like I did . . .)

Craft Crazy

forky craft family


Use things you have around the house and let the kids have some messy, creative fun! Do you know how long a stack of cardboard, some tape, and scissors can keep a child occupied?! HOURS, I tell you.

Paper Spinner Craft
Potato Egg Stampers
Coffee Filter Butterflies
Homemade Playdough
Marshmallow Shooters
Forky From Toy Story 4
30+ toilet paper roll crafts.

Games and Activities

Pull out some board games, do a big puzzle, print off some new colouring sheets, or try one of the interactive ideas below!

Charades for Young Kids – make your own actions/words, or use the printable cards for young kids.
Spring Mad Lib Printables – get everyone laughing over the funny sentence stories you create together.
Dice Drawing Games – encourages creativity and silliness, can be played individually or as a group.
Balloon Tennis – make rackets using paper plates and craft sticks and try to keep the balloon off the ground.
Minute to Win it For Kids – recreate the hilarious challenges from this popular game show.
Painters Tape Games – 40 games and activities using simple items around the house and a roll of painters tape.

Making Memories

Kids thrive on simple, quality time together with the people they feel loved by. Try to think like a kid, what do you wish your parents would have done with you? Get silly, have fun, and watch your kids soak up this special time with your undivided attention.

  • Have a costume fashion show and award a prize for most creative creation.
  • Read books out loud in the dark with a flashlight – make lots of sound effects and silly voices.
  • Bake something you’ve never tried before and let the kids help – or let them do it themselves if they’re old enough.
  • Look through old photos and watch family videos (my kids love seeing themselves as babies, and get quite a kick out of how young their parents used to be . . .)
  • Go for a walk around the neighbourhood, stopping at a playground to make up obstacle courses for each other.
  • Put together a time capsule for you to open together as a family in 10 years.

Interactive Screen Time

Art Hub Drawing Videos

While I’m sure you know all about the wonders of Netflix and Disney+, maybe you haven’t heard of some of these other options that are great for screen time that is both engaging and productive!

Go Noodle – a free app/website is a great way to burn off the energy in a fun and entertaining way. Silly songs, choreographed dances – any age will enjoy these!
Epic – a paid app that gives your child access to a digital library of current books, quizzes, learning videos and more. You can join for a FREE 30 day trial to see if it’s something your child will like and use!
Art Hub – a website provides endless family-friendly videos that give step-by-step drawing tutorials for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

Of course you can always do practical things like cleaning closets, organizing schedules and making freezer meals . . . but don’t forget to try some of these simple ideas and have a little fun too! It is so healthy for families to regular take breaks from busy schedules and do silly and relaxing things simply for the joy of being together.