Kids can learn and develop at Sol Sparks, a kids’ holistic summer program in Aurora! Their daily lessons and weekly programs are filled with creative activities, such as Art Therapy, Sound & Rhythm and Drama & Mindfulness. Plus, each week, a new chapter of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign gets the kids’ imaginations run wild with mystical possibilities! Furthermore, children also stay active outdoors, exploring nature, playing sports and going on different excursions to splash pads, parks and libraries.

Sol Sparks Summer Program — Weekly Themes

At this summer program, daily activities ignite the spark of the kids’ inner creativity and inspire them to be confident. Each week is built around important life goals to further each child’s emotional development, while still having plenty of fun!

Week 1: Self-Awareness

Revolving around the notion that “you are the Sun, lighting up the beauty of your own life”, this weekly program is full of adventure.

  • Art Therapy: I Love Myself
  • Sound & Rhythm: What Inspires You?
  • Drama & Mindfulness: I’m a Star
  • Nature Exploration & Gardening: Connecting Your Senses
  • Sports: Discover Your Inner Athlete
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter 1 – I am Going on an Adventure!

Week 2: Harmony & Balance

This program week lets kids feel at one with nature and balanced with themselves. “The moon shows you who you are deep down.”

  • Art Therapy: Sound of Creativity
  • Rhythm & Sound: Blending Harmonies
  • Drama & Mindfulness: Inside Out
  • Nature Exploration & Gardening: Tranquility in Nature
  • Sports: Creating Synergies
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter 2 – Mirrors & Mimes

Week 3: Teambuilding & Fortune

This week’s program teaches children how to succeed by working together in a team.

  • Art Therapy: Expand Your Mind
  • Rhythm & Sound: Enrich Your Senses
  • Drama & Mindfulness: Team-building
  • Nature Exploration & Gardening: Money Grows on Trees
  • Sports: Winning Together
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter 3 – One For All, All For One

Week 4: I Am Unique

Kids learn to appreciate their individuality and their extra-special talents through creative and physical challenges.

  • Art Therapy: Be the Architect
  • Rhythm & Sound: Perfect Pitch
  • Drama & Mindfulness: Be the Director
  • Nature Exploration & Gardening: My Terrarium
  • Sports: My Inner Olympian
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter 4 – The Awkward Hero

Week 5: Seeking Connection

Kids discover their caring side through the ability to build lasting friendships.

  • Art Therapy: Make the Connection
  • Rhythm & Sound: Sound in Motion
  • Drama & Mindfulness: Body Language
  • Nature Exploration & Gardening: Commune with the Wild World
  • Sports: Passing the Torch
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter 5 – A Seriously Urgent Message

Week 6: Manifest Your Creativity

Children find out how to open their hearts and minds and discover their creative selves.

  • Art Therapy: Express Your Passion
  • Rhythm & Sound: Discover Your Voice
  • Drama & Mindfulness: Be the Speaker
  • Nature Exploration & Gardening: Nurture Your Environment
  • Sports: For the Love of Sports
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter 6 – Tale of the Bards
  • Excursions: Splash Pad, Parks & Library

Week 7: Unravel the Mystery

Life’s mysteries are tackled by the program participants, challenging them to explore and discover personal treasures.

  • Art Therapy: Guess Who
  • Rhythm & Sound: Discovering Your Frequency
  • Drama & Mindfulness: Escape Room
  • Nature Exploration & Gardening: Digging for Treasure
  • Sports: What is a Winner?
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter 7 – The Dinner Invitation

Week 8: Leaders in Action

To close out the summer, children learn to take the many important lessons they’ve learned and pay it forward in their community.

  • Art Therapy: Canvas Splash
  • Rhythm & Sound: Chariots of Fire – Spoken Word
  • Drama & Mindfulness: Choreography
  • Nature Exploration & Gardening: Harvest What You Sow
  • Sports: The Solympics
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter 8 – Be Your Own DM

Program Details

The cost of each program session is $75/day per child.
A $100 non-refundable Registration deposit is required to hold the desired dates. However, the registration deposit is waived if you book and pay for an entire month.

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Sol Sparks Summer Program

When: Weeklong sessions July 3 – August 25, 2023
Where: Agora Prep Academy, 126 Wellington St. West Unit #103, Aurora
Instagram: @sol.sparks.summerprogram

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