Are you house bound with the kids right now? Then you are probably starting to grasp at straws looking for creative ways to entertain them while still keeping your sanity. If you need a little break from the demands and stress, why not take a mini-getaway around the world with these family-friendly virtual experiences? I’m so grateful we live in a time where so much is available to us online and we can experience places we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Houston Zoo – Animal webcams give you the chance to see some of the zoo’s most popular creatures – from the elephants in their play yard, to the rhinos in their muddy habitat, to the giraffes, who can be seen neck-up strolling into and out of the camera screen.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Try the coral reef cam and the open sea cam, where you can see a wide variety of underwater creatures – or pick a favourite animal to check out, like penguins or the always entertaining sea otters.

Disneyland – Thanks to the magic of google street view you can still enjoy the happiest place on earth! To protect the privacy of visitors, all faces have been blurred in the street view image.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – Another can’t-miss street view style tour, you’ll see high quality images of dinosaurs, animals, artifacts and more!

Eiffel Tower – Ever wondered what the view is like from the top without having to climb all those pesky stairs? Google Arts & Culture gives you the chance to see the city of lights as many of us have never done before!

Great Wall of China – See one of the great wonders of the world, up close and personal on this virtual tour. Your travel plans may be on hold right now, but you don’t have to skip out on amazing adventures.

NASA’s Space Centre Houston – This app helps you learn new stories about the human journey to space! Go beyond the basic virtual tour with the included audio stops that are at the museum.

The Metropolitan Opera – Inject a little arts and culture into your day! The MET is offering a nightly free live stream of a previous performance, starting at 5:30 pm MST.

If you’re looking to change up your view from Netflix or Disney+, take the opportunity to go on one of these incredible virtual trips as a family before they’re gone! You are sure to learn something new, and also gain more appreciation for the beautiful world all around us. You just might be able to enjoy a hot coffee while you’re all sitting too!