Power of Words Academy is committed to providing the highest quality of written and oral communication training to children in a fun and nurturing environment. Their innovative summer camp curriculum provides campers with creative opportunities that aid in the development of critical thinking, team building as well as personal growth.

Creative Writing and Drama Summer Camp (Ages 7-12)

This camp is an active and engaging week of creativity for kids. They build both their story writing skills and their confidence in performing for an audience!

Creative Writing
Campers create and publish their own books! Campers and teachers choose the inspiring themes together. Then, the teachers take students through the planning, writing and editing stages of creating their own narrative story. At the end of the week, the campers receive digital and print copies of their books. These professionally-bound books look just like purchased publications! Friends and family can also purchase your child’s published books on-line, which is definitely something our campers take pride in.

Drama Using Tech
In the afternoon, this program helps kids build their confidence, as well as public speaking, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills. This session of the camp uses storytelling and role playing. The kids work in groups to create a talk show or documentary on a topic of interest to them. Then, they record green screen videos and learn to edit and produce their videos. At the end of the week, the campers will receive digital copies of their productions. This camp is for all aspiring young students, from the shy and reserved to the keen and confident speakers!

Creative Writing and Debate Summer Camp (Ages 10 – 14)

For older kids, this camp is an active and engaging week of creativity, building their story writing skills and inspires kids to debate on point with structure and confidence.

Power of Words Academy provides campers with opportunities to advocate for an idea. They form a response and speak on a point through impromptu public speaking games, debate feuds and formal debate rounds. Kids gain confidence, build resilience and develop effective collaboration skills. Campers participate in one debate round daily and receive constructive feedback from the teacher. The intent is to advance their delivery and critical thinking skills.

Enrichment Writing Course (Grades 2-3, 4-5, 6-8)

This course is designed for new students, without the previous experience of the Power of Words Academy School Year Enrichment Writing and Public Speaking program. There is a maximum of 12 students in a class and the virtual classes are delivered using the Zoom Platform and Google Classroom. The lessons are interactive and aligned with the common core standards of the Ontario School Curriculum.

Students learn to gather and organize ideas, draft and revise their writing, proofread, then identify their strengths and areas for improvement and strategies they found most helpful at different stages of the writing process. Furthermore, campers learn the structure of writing four types of essays, develop critical thinking skills and learn to add depth to writing pieces.

Public Speaking Course (Grades 2-3, 4-5, 6-8)

This is an introductory public speaking course designed for students who have not taken the Power of Words Academy School Year Enrichment Writing and Public Speaking program. There is a maximum of 12 students in a class and the virtual classes are delivered using the Zoom Platform and Google Classroom. Students receive binders by mail with the weekly notes and worksheets included therein.

Power of Words Academy recognizes that oral communication skills are fundamental to student participation in any learning environment. In addition to designing this course specifically focused on public speaking, where students write and present their own speeches in a mock setting, they have incorporated learning activities throughout the curriculum with the goal of building confident and powerful speakers.

English Prep Course for Entrance Exam (Grades 6-8)

This course will familiarize your child with all aspects of the SSAT and ISEE exams with a focus on the verbal, reading, and essay components of the test.

Students learn all the types of questions they will face in the verbal and reading comprehension sections. Strategies for solving each type of question are clearly explained, then followed up with plenty of opportunities to practice each type of question under timed conditions. Students learn critical SSAT/ISEE test-taking strategies and time management skills that will help them maximize their test scores. It will also help your child prepare for the English component for MaCS, TOPs, IB etc.

Power of Words Academy

When: July 11 — August 25, 2022
Where: Virtual campus and in-person campuses in North York, Markham and Mississauga
Website: www.powerofwordsacademy.ca

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