Help your child develop their written and oral communication skills at Power of Words Academy, where today’s learners become tomorrow’s leaders! Both children and teens can acquire written and oral communication knowledge in a fun and nurturing environment. At this innovative summer camp, the curriculum includes reading, writing and public speaking, providing campers with creative opportunities to further their academic and personal development. The participants also learn about critical thinking and team building to round out their education.

Students can choose between in-person programs at their campuses in North York, Markham and Mississauga, or online lessons using the Zoom Platform and Google Classroom. No matter which option families choose, the Power of Words Academy mentors strive to provide the highest quality of training while still having fun all summer.

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Power of Words Academy Summer Camps

Creative Writing and Drama Summer Camp (Ages 7-14)

This camp is an active and engaging week of creativity for kids, building their story-writing skills along with their confidence in performing for an audience! The teacher-camper ratio is 1:6.

In this exciting camp, kids aged 7-14 get to publish their own books! With help from the teachers, the campers choose the themes that inspire them. Then, students learn about the planning process of book writing, such as drafting, editing and creating their own narrative story. Finally, at the end of the week, the campers receive copies of their books, available in both digital and print formats. It’s so exciting for the students to receive professionally bound books that look just like purchased publications! Additionally, to complete their proud experience, friends and family can purchase your child’s published books online.

Next, during the afternoon, the Drama Using Tech camp program helps kids build their confidence. This camp is great for aspiring young students, whether they are shy and reserved or keen and confident! Topics include public speaking, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills, using storytelling and role-playing. In the lessons, the campers work together in groups to create a talk show or documentary by recording green-screen videos and learning how to edit and produce videos. At the end of the week, the campers receive digital copies of these productions to keep as a cherished memory or even a springboard toward a creative career path.

Creative Writing and Debate Summer Camp (Ages 10-14)

This camp is an active and engaging week of creativity for kids, building their story-writing skills along and inspiring kids to debate on point with structure and confidence. The teacher-camper ratio is 1:6.

The day begins in the Creative Writing camp, and then in the afternoon, Power of Words Academy teaches campers how to debate and advocate for an idea. In these lessons, the participants work to form a response and speak on a point. This is done through impromptu public speaking games, debate feuds and formal debate rounds. Through these exercises, the campers build their confidence and resilience while also developing effective collaboration skills. Each day, the campers participate in a debate round and then receive constructive feedback from the teacher, which helps advance their delivery and critical thinking skills.

Power of Words Academy Summer Courses

Along with weeklong summer camps, Power of Words Academy also offers courses over the summer that meet once a week. These take place online and in person at their campus in North York.

Enrichment Writing Course (Grades 2-3, 4-5, 6-8)

This course is intended for new students who have not previously attended the Power of Words Academy School Year Enrichment Writing and Public Speaking program. In this course, the students learn methods to properly gather and organize their ideas. They go through the different stages of the writing process: drafts and revisions, writing, proofreading, identifying strengths and finding areas for improvement. Furthermore, the campers learn the structure of writing the four main types of essays, develop their critical thinking skills and add depth to the writing pieces.

Public Speaking Course (Grades 2-3, 4-5, 6-8)

Oral communication is a fundamental skill that students require to participate in any learning environment. At Power of Words Academy, campers develop their public speaking skills by writing and presenting their speeches in a mock setting. In addition to designing this course specifically focused on public speaking, the Power of Words Academy teachers incorporate learning activities throughout the curriculum to develop confident and powerful speakers.

English Prep Course for Entrance Exam (Grades 6-8)

For students preparing to take the SSAT and ISEE exams, this course familiarizes students with the various components of the tests, including verbal, reading, and essay exercises. Lessons include developing strategies for solving each type of question, along with practice under timed conditions. Plus, to help them maximize their test scores, students learn the critical SSAT/ISEE test-taking strategies and time management skills. This course also helps the participants prepare for the English component for MaCS, TOPs, IB, etc.

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Power of Words Academy

When: July-August 2024
Where: Virtual campus and in-person campuses in North York, Markham and Mississauga
Phone: 647-285-4499

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